Privacy Policy has privacy policy like other websites internet . We beleive in truth ! What that is ? That is whenever you visit our blog you are tracked . What that tracking includes is that your web browser is tracked that which browser you are using. Also your location is tracked through your IP address we track your IP address for our records  by whiich your location gets tracked. the second thing you should keep in mind is that we use cookies to get your information that you are new visitor or old visitor of our blog so for that we also use cookies. But we never ask for personal information. We use log files which include information of type of web browser, Your IP address, your ISP, Date & Time. 

Use Of Cookies

We track cookies to get information which type of visitor your are new or old . we record this  record user-specific information on which pages the user access or visit.

If youu accept these privacy policies then visit our blog otherwise we don't need you

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