Thursday, March 1, 2018

Treader In Clash of Clan -

What is Trader in COC?

The Trader is a traveling merchant who, starting at Town Hall 8, will frequent your Village to peddle his exotic wares. Setting shop on the other side of the Clan path, across from the Clan Games carriage, the Trader will have 3 special deals for you each day. Perhaps you’d like to acquire a Magic Item or other rare and unusual novelties? The Trader may just have what you’re looking for!
Trader of Clash of Clan

Today Clash of Clan has rolled out "treading " in CoC which is exchanging thing for a thing for a thing. The thing that could be exchanged are troops, elexir, gold and Gems. So for instance, I have 200 dark elixer and i don't require it - I exchange it for 25,000 gold for instance both the players make an arrangement. It additionally has burdens and favorable circumstances.

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~Advantages of Treader in COC

- Makes a genuine group
- Makes complex correspondences between individuals.
- Individuals would be free disapproved of on the grounds that they know they will exchange something they needn't bother with.
- Valuable


- Makes defrauding yet it could be settled by putting a framework in which no body can provide for some person things without consequently something.
This thought could be additionally created by supercell.

What people say about treading in coc

It might be beneficial but it would create sooooooo many imbalances. There is a reason some things cost gold, some things cost eixir and some things cost dark elixir. Trading would just make the game imbalanced. And, yes, it was ruled out in the post that says "READ THIS POST FIRST"

This would be trivial to get around too. For example I put my ipad on the wifi and my phone on 4G. 
Basically a resource exchange system would greatly reduce available loot since people would simply exchange resources they didn't need for ones they did and spend them all.

A resource trading system would be even worse. It opens the door to a ton of possible exploits. Multiple farm accounts, resource hiding, etc.

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