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How To Unsend or Recall Send Messages on Whatsapp


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Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging App, which has many features and is giving a tough competition to its competitor. Whatsapp has enabled the calling Feature 2 years back and is always giving updates with new features like Status update a few months back.

You may definitely using WhatsApp and want more features on it. Also, you may have seen while chatting you have sent a message mistakenly to any other person whom you have not to send and once it has been sent it cannot be recalled, but today we are here to tell you that you can unsend that message or recall the message once it is send

WhatsApp Recall Or Unsend Feature

Recently Whatsapp has announced that they are going to add a feature in WhatsApp by which you can delete the send a message which they called as Recall feature that is quite interesting. Surprisingly the feature is locked in the current version of beta WhatsApp and nobody has access to use it. So how can you use this feature? Don't worry we will tell you a method below by which you can unsend message on Whatsapp or you can delete sent message on friends WhatsApp from your phone which you have sent
How to delete a sent WhatsApp message before it's delivered

How to delete sent Message From friends Phone 

You can recall a sent message by an App called GB Whatsapp, which is a modded version of WhatsApp it has many other features which you can find here and some are given below

  • Hide Last Seen in one click.
  • Hide ticks, like Blue Tick.
  • Preview image and video without loading.
  • Change the theme color of the app.
  • Send a broadcast message to 600 people instead of 250.
  • Send video upto size 30mb instead of 16m
You can use your previous WhatsApp also along with this modded version to use two different accounts on the same phone

Note:- If you  want 

Steps To Install GB Whatsapp

Step1:- Download Gb Whatsapp Here
Step2:- Install and open it up on your device
Step3-  Now enter your number and verify it
Step4:- Restore your chat or Skip you want

Steps To Recall or delete Sent message on WhatsApp 

Step1:- Compose a message and send it to your friend
Step2:- Now long Press on The message you sent
Step3:- Click on Three dot menu on the upper right corner as shown in below picture
Steps4:- Now click on recall button as shown and your message will be deleted from your friend phone

Note:- Your friend will be able to see that you have recalled the message 

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