Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How To Redeem 5GB Data From Jio Chat App To My Jio App

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  • Transfer 5GB data ADD ON to Jio App
  • Redeem Rs 300 Ajio Voucher
You may have already heard about JIO KBC Play along and might have played also. If not, let me tell you first JIO KBC play along is a game on JIO chat app which you can play and can win many exciting prizes. Now the good thing about this is that ones who have played JIO KBC play along earlier has won 5 GB jio 4G data ADD-ON which you can recharge in My Jio App. Along with this, you will also get Ajio Coupon Of Rs 300 on minimum Shopping 999. Yes if you have played JIO Kbc play along earlier you may have won 5GB 4G data.  You can also view Amazon treasure hunt
How To Transfer 5GB Data From Jio Chat App To My Jio App


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  • My Jio App
  • Jio Sim
  • KBC Play Along Played Earlier
Now from few past days it was showing 5Gb data can be redeemed in few days and now finally they are allowing users to redeem this 5Gb data. I am sure you don't know the process of how to transfer 5Gb data from jio chat app to your jio sim and How to redeem Rs 300 AJio Coupon. If you want to buy some Earphones you can check best budget Earphones under Rs 500

Steps To Redeem 5Gb Data on Jio Chat App

  1. First of all Open Jio Chat App
  2. Now Click on KBC play Along option
  3. Then You will see a message on your screen showing you are a winner, now click on My Winnings
  4. Now Click on 5GB Add-on 
  5. It will show option to any browser click on chrome again it will show you another option to Open many apps
  6. click on My Jio App, it will log in jio app automatically
  7. Click on View In My Voucher Section
  8. There you will see a 5 GB data Add-on voucher
  9. Now Click on Recharge
  10. It will be transferred to your account

Who is the winner of Jio KBC play along?
Almost everyone has been selected for AJio voucher and Jio 5GB ADD On

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Transfer 5GB Data from Jiochat to MyJio App| Kbc Jio Play


  1. i singned up on jio chat from AIRTEL sim,so am i able to transfer my data?

    1. No you can transfer to any Airtel sim but you can Trasnfer to any jio Sim