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Has stars wrapped in gold & milk that's not white but a bar that is.| 4:30 PM Clue

Amazon App Treasure Hunt is again knocking the door and comes with many surprises. Here in this post,as usual ,we will provide amazon treasure hunt answer first on internet. Get answer of every clues asked in the treasure hunt.There are lots of people who play amazon app treasure hunt and their may be a chance to win this game. 

Amazon Treasure Hunt
Time- 3PM To 8PM
Date- 03/10/17 

In amazon app treasure hunt you have to guess clue's answer as fast as possible. Every clue has a product name. Now search that product name on amazon app.If your answer is correct, you will see some products but there will be one unique product. Tap on that very unique product.Now scroll down and check treasure hunt logo.The product is for free. Means you don't need to pay rs1 as you did earlier. The game has changed a little bit.

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Clue: Has stars wrapped in gold & milk that's not white but a bar that is.

Clue Answers For Amazon Treasure Hunt 03 October

4:30 PM Clue 

How To Play Amazon app treasure Hunt?
  1. First you need to download amazon app
  2. Now open the app and wait for the game timing.
  3. Before starting the game you will able to see amazon app treasure hunt Logo.
  4. Tap on that very logo.
  5. Now at 3PM, your first quiz will appear.
  6. Try to Solve that clue ASAP.
  7. Search Product Name on App.
  8. If your answer is correct then you will see a product at Rs-0.
  9. Buy that product As Soon As Possible.
  10. Done

Trick To Know The Treasure Hunt Clue Answer

Many People asked from us about the treasure hunt. How we add answer fast?. So here is the genuine trick that I Used to answer the amazon app treasure hunt clue answer in advance.Today treasure hunt is all about Diwali Gift hampers and Party Food Essentials. So follow the steps and answer the question.

  1. Open Amazon App.

  2. Go to "Today Deals".

  3. Now go to CATEGORY.

  4. Select Health, Grocery section.

  5. Now wait for treasure Hunt to begins.

  6. At clue time, one product will have Rs-0 Price.

  7. Purchase that one asap.

  8. Done.

Clue Answers For Amazon Treasure Hunt 9th March

Amazon App Treasure Hunt 8 September

12:00 PM- Giordano 60068 black/yellow watch
12:15 PM- Hush Puppies Men’s Liners Socks (Pack of 3)
12:30 PM- Maxima Mac Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch- 20680LPLI
12:45 PMLavie Beas Women’s Shoulder Bag (Tan)
01:00 PM-Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer (Black)

What is Amazon App Treasure Hunt 

Amazon Rs 1 Hunt or Amazon Treasure is an offer from Amazon in which they provide a clue which you will need to solve and find the Answer. The answer is any product and when you search that product on Amazon you will find a lightning deal on that product and the product costs only Rs 1. So in that time you can grab That at Rs1. Some times products which costs more than Rs 10000 are for Rs 1 in lightning deal. So be with us tomorrow to get Answer of Amazon treasure hunt 8 September

How to Find/Get Answers in Amazon Treasure Hunt

1. First, read the question of treasure hunt yourself and find any hint in it, If you didn't get thing follow below steps

2. Search the question on google you will find some hint from that definitely

3. Now From these hints get any product name and search it on Amazon 

4. if you still did not find answer yourself then visit discovertricks.com to find answer because we will provide answers within no time

How To Participate in Amazon Treasure Hunt 8 September

1. At first Download Amazon App from Play Store or Apple App Store
2. Log in to your Account which is important to play Amazon treasure Hunt
3. Now on Sharp 2 PM To 6 PM on 29 July Open App and click on "Amazon Tresure Hunt " Banner 
4. After clicking it you will find a clue find answer by method given above
5. Now after finding answer search that in Amazon app 
6. you will find many products with that name, open them all because Rs 1 price tag will not be shown on search page it will only be available  inside product page
7. Now when you find that product add it to cart and checkout as usually you do

 Tricks To Successfully Buy Products at Rs 1 in Amazon treasure hunt

1. Search the question always on google to find any clue

2. Try solving the question yourself first before you find it on discover tricks website

3. Always keep Logged in the App before The treasure hunt

4. The price tag of Rs 1 is not shown in search result page open the find and find Rs 1 surprise product

5. As soon as you find the product quickly claim it because it may go out of stock in seconds

So these were some tips which will help you to crack Amazon App treasure hunt 

Clue Answers For Amazon Treasure Hunt 8th September

Answers for Amazon App Treasure Hunt 9 March

Amazon clue Answer for a 2pm clue, Clue answer for 2:15PM. Answer 2:30, Clue answer for 12Pm, Clue answer for 12:30, Amazon Clue answer for 1 Pm , Amazon clue Answer for 3:30 Pm, clue answer in Amazon treasure hunt 3:45 Pm , 2Pm clue Answer Amazon

Answers will be posted here tomorrow when the Game starts 

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