Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A bee That Does not naturally Buzz-

A bee That Does not naturally Buzz-  Amazon App Treasure Hunt is again knocking the door and comes with many surprises. Here in this post,as usual ,we will provide amazon treasure hunt answer first on internet. Get answer of every clues asked in the treasure hunt.There are lots of people who play amazon app treasure hunt and their may be a chance to win this game. 

5:00 PM Clue  :- A bee That Does not naturally Buzz- 

In amazon app treasure hunt you have to guess clue's answer as fast as possible. Every clue has a product name. Now search that product name on amazon app.If your answer is correct, you will see some products but there will be one unique product. Tap on that very unique product.Now scroll down and check treasure hunt logo.The product is for free. Means you don't need to pay rs1 as you did earlier. The game has changed a little bit.

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