Friday, August 4, 2017

Amazon Blackberry Contest- Win Blackberry KeyOne

Amazon has come with a new contest know as Amazon Blackberry quiz contest in which you have a chance to win blackberry Keyone. This contest is also called as amazon quiz time

There are 5 questions in the Contest which you have to answer. We have added all the answers on this page. So on this page you can get Answers of all Amazon Blackberry contest questions.

Answer For The Questions in Amazon Blackberry Quiz Contest

  • Question-1) Which Operating system does the Blackberry KEYone run on?
  • Answer) Android Nougat OS
  • Question-2) The BlackBerry KEYone in India will only be available on Amazon?
  • Answer) True
  • Question-3) Which of these is not a feature of the KEYone?
  • Answer) Space Travel
  • Question-4) When will the BlackBerry KEYone be available for sale on Amazon?
  • Answer) 8th August 2017
  • Question-5) Which of these is not a feature of the Smart Keyboard of the KEYone
  • Answer) 3D Display

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