Monday, March 27, 2017

Use USA Number For Whatsapp| Latest Trick 2017

Do you need any virtual number for Whatsapp account or want to make whatsapp account by using usa number. Generally usa number are more attractive to show our friends. Today in this post I'm gonna to tell you one fantastic way to create whatsapp account by using usa number. USA number fake Whatsapp account is very useful and it  helps us to maintain our privacy. It is one of the most asking tricks by people . Many people was using Voxox app for this usa number but unfortunately the Voxox app had closed . Now you cannot use voxox to make fake Whatsapp account. Don't  worry about this we have a new app for this trick. Now you can do same from Primo app. It is available on Playstore and free to download,

Primo app- It is free to download and also available on google play store. Primo app has good rating and 1M+ download on google play store. You can even use it for making international call at cheap rate. You can also call to anyone from private number or unknown number. It is safe to use and almost free also. I will suggest you some techtics to earn free minutes. Primo app run on minutes concept . I mean to say that if you signup then 50 minutes will be credited to your account. You can call anywhere and talk upto 50 minutes . See the below screenshots for more details.

Here you will get 50 minutes if you invite your friend to Primo app. If you set your profile photo then 25 minutes will be added to your account. This is how it works. So follow the instruction and earn more minutes, Join and refer your friends. My moto of this post is to guide you about how to make Whatsapp account from usa number.

Pros and Cons Of  usa number whatsapp account: Here I'm discussing some major pros and cons of Primo app. Decide yourself weather you want to use it or not. From my opinion if you want a temporary whatsapp account or number then this is best for you.

  1. You can hide your private number.
  2. No need any KYC documents or sim cards or any govt. proof.
  3. Almost free and easy to maintain.
  4. No one can call you.
  5. You can call anyone without privately. I mean to say that your real number won't show if you call anyone with Primo app.
  1. Your USA Number whatsapp account may be closed by whatsapp team.
  2. You cannot recharge your Primo balance from shop.
  3. Call charge will be quite high .
  4. Need high speed internet to make call via Primo.
Let's have a look on step by step  guide about how to create Whatsapp with usa number or fake number, This is gonna to be quite simple and easy. Follow the steps carefully.

  1. First of all you need Primo app- Click Here to download
  2. Open the app and click on create a new account.
  3. Enter First Name , Last Name, User Name, Email and Password.
  4. Now app will ask for some permission. Grant the permission.
  5. On left slide bar, Go on 'My Account' option.
  6. Confirm your mobile number and email.
  7. On bottom most point, after confirmation, a phone number will shown to you.
  8. Copy that number and open whatsapp.
  9. Have you noticed, that the number is start from +1. +1 is th, e country code for U.S.A.
  10. On whatsapp , choose United state and enter your primo number except the first digit,

For Example if your number is- +15186286107, then enter only 5186286107.

11. Now click to verify.
12. OTP will be sent to Primo app. Now to see your OTP, open Primo app and go to Chat section.  If 13. you didn't see any message there then wait a little more.
14. After getting OTP successfully, enter it on whatsapp .
15,It's all done.

I have a video tutorial on this tricks. So it will be more helpful to you. Watch the video and don't forget to hit like button and subscribe button for more such videos.

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