Friday, February 24, 2017

Whatsapp Status Feature | How to use it

Hello Friends, today whatsapp launches its status feature similar to hike. As you all know that Facebook try to connect facebook with whatsapp and this is their first step in this race. This feature is amazing. I mean to say that You can even share Gif which not available in other mesaaging apps like hIke. This is cool feature.

How to Enable this feature in whatsapp?

If by a chance this feature is not shown in your whatsapp then you have to update your whatsapp via Playstore. If you are a window user then it may take some time to introduce this feature in your app.

How to use this feature?

It is simple to use. You can upload images, video ( lenght must be of 45 seconds or below) and my favorite one giF's.
I made a video in this topic. I think you may like this video. Please watch our video and don't forget to subscribe us.


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