Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jio Prime Offer - Extend Jio Free Offer Till March 2018 At Rs 99

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Reliance jio has come with an amazing offer again where they have announced to extend Jio Happy New Year offer.  Last time they have come with Happy new year offer and now thay are planning to extend this offer until March 31 2018.  But this time you have to pay some amount by which you can extend jio happy new year offer to March 30, 2018, in which you will get 1GB 4G Data daily with unlimited free calling and other services from Jio
In this offer, you have to subscribe for Jio Prime offer at Rs 99 and after that every month you will have to Pay Rs 303 every month to get 1GB 4G data per day 

More About Reliance Jio New offers-

As on today live conference Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio  Happy New Offer will continue till 31 March 2018. But you need to pay a little bit of money to activate this plan. You have activate Jio Prime Membership plan which cost is Rs-99 and it will valid for 12 months. Now after activation Jio Prime membership plan, you can use 1GB  per day 4g Data at Rs- 10 Only. I mean to say that You have to recharge Rs-303 per month to use 1GB per day Jio 4g Data.

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Jio Prime Offer

How To Extend Jio Happy New Year offer Till March 31 2018 / Steps to extend free offer from jio March 31 2018/ How to Get jio Prime offer.

How to Subscribe Jio Prime Offer

1. First of all Go to My Jio App 

2. Pay Rs 99 to subscribe Jio Prime Offer

3. After that pay Rs 303 every month to get 1Gb data every month

Reliance will not automatically extend your free offer until March 31 2018 but you will have to so something to extend this offer

This happy new year offer will be valid till March 31 and after that, if you wish to avail the Happy new year offer again then you will need to Recharge for Rs 100 by which you can extend your free jio offer till March 31 2018.  So for Rs 99 your offer will be extended until June 30 in which you will get daily 1GB data with free unlimited voice and video calling as you are getting now

Key Hightlights of This Jio Prime offer

  1. You need to recharge for Rs. 999 on your Reliance Jio number To Subscribe Jio Prime Offer
  2. You have to recharge with INR 303 every month 
  3. You will daily get 1GB of free 4G internet data.
  4. So for just Rs. 303 you will get a total of 30GB of 4G Internet Data for 30 days and, Unlimited free voice calling to any network across India.
  5. 100 Free SMS daily for 3 months.
  6. Access to all premium apps by Jio.
  7. Validity will be from 1st April 2017 to 31th March 2018.

Jio April offer

FAQ For Jio Prime Offer 

1.  Is jio going to extend happy new year offer till March 2018

Ans:- Yes Reliance Jio Will extend the offer till March 2018

2.  How much time will Jio extend the free offer

Ans: Jio May extend free offer till March 2018 

4.  What is The latest news about jio Free offer or happy new year offer

Ans: Jio may extend free offer Till March 2018

Video Added- 

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  1. Is It for Postpaid Users Also

    1. No Info About That , I think it is for both prepaid and postpaid users

  2. Where is the option to pay in app?

  3. If i pay 99Rs (before 31st March) as Prime membership and doesn't recharge for 303 every month, will i get Free voice call from April 2017???

    1. Yes you can recharge Rs 303 in any month in which you want to use. It is not necessary to recharge every Rs 303 every month