Monday, February 20, 2017

How To Schedule Download in Jio To Use Jio Unlimited Night Internet

Today we are here with an awesome trick in which you can use jio unlimited Internet at night. As you know jio is offering unlimited Internet at 2AM to 5AM in night. Jio Happy New Year offer is an awesome offer in which jio is offering 1Gb per day and unlimited 4G data at night. But the night of Reliance jio is starts at 2PM in which most of people fall deep asleep and they cannot get benefits of jio night unlimited Internet . So to deal with this problem we have came with an awesome trick in which you can add your download in day and will download them in night, so that you can have full benefit of jio

What is the Schedule  Download For Jio

This is an awesome trick in which you can Add downloads in day and download them in any time. Which means the download will be automatically Resumed any time which you set.   . So with this trick you can get full benefit from Jio Unlimited Internet.
This trick can be used with an App known as Advanced Download Manager. This is a download manager App which can

Steps To Use Jio Unlimited Internet In Night With ADM

1. First of all Download ADM From Here

2. Now open App and slide from left to open Menu

3. Click on Settings and Then on Planning

4. Now Click on Download Files on Schedule As shown in below pic

5 Keep Start time and Stop time as shown in above pic or as you wish

6. Now click on ‘+’ icon and add download link of a file you want to download.

7. Click on Add, and you’ve successfully scheduled your download for jio unlimited night data offer.

8. You can also use in built browser of App to add download file

You can also use use jio cinema App which has smart download option in which you can schedule a download


  1. How can i use it for youtube

    1. Use in built App browser and Add ss before youtube url eg

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