Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to Get a Video Layer in Kinemaster Without Root

How to get a video layer in kinemater without root is not a big issue. So basically in this post we will fix this issue and we also revealed some other app or apk for video layer. If your mobile doesn't support kinemater then don't get worried about it. We have a solution for that. So let's began.

First of all I would like to say that , the video layer option is not featured on every apk version of kinemaster. You have to download specific apk. Don't get tensed, we will provide the download link too.

Also  the problem of watermark in kinemater also get fixed by following this trick.  We have made many videos on this topic . Hope you will like that. Don't forget to subscribe Us.

 Follow Step:-

  1. First of all you need to install Kinemaster- Click Here

  2. The above apk is pro version of Kinemaster and you can use it for free.

  3. Now Goto Kinemaster and click on Create New Project.

  4. Select that video which you want to be in background.

  5. Now at editor interface, on left side you will get Layer option.

  6. Click on layer option followed by Media.

  7. Select that video which you like to add on a previous selected background.That's it. Done !!

Please see the Video Tutorial made by us. Don't forget to subscribe Technical Sharma.


Other App like Kinemaster ( Add Video layer Option)- 

First of all, you need to download this apk from here.

Now open it, and create new project.Choose that video which you want in back.

After adding your background video, see the left side. You will get some icons.

Click on the 3rd one and then click on video again.

Now add that video which you want to be in front.Done

Watch Video For More Information

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