Wednesday, February 8, 2017

(Video Added) How to add video layer & Remove Watermark in Cyberlink Power Director

If you are looking for, ' how to add video layer in Cyberlink power director and ' how to remove water mark' . Then wait few minutes and read this post. I am 100% sure after reading my this article you will able to do the same. We added video tutorial to help you in a better way. If you want to know how to add green screen effects then don't go anywhere , we have everything that you need  for a professional video editing skill.

Here are talking about, ' how to add a video layer in Cyberlink powerdirector without buying the premium one?' and how to remove water mark?'. So let's start the step by step guide.

How to Add Video Layer?

  • First of all, you need to download this apk from here
  • Now open it, and create new project.
  • Choose that video which you want in back.
  • After adding your background video, see the left side. You will get some icons.
  • Click on the 3rd one and then click on video again.
  • Now add that video which you want to be in front.
  • Done

Must Watch This Video For better Understanding

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