Saturday, January 14, 2017

Facebook Monetization Option on Video | Now earn money from facebook

Hello DiscoverTrickers here we have a lots of information about Facebook monetization option. The big news is that the world's largest social media website known as Facebook  is trying to give a new path ways for those who earn online. Have you heard the Name AdSense, ads publisher website from Google, the same will launch soon by the Facebook team.Facebook will start monetizing on their website for video creator so that they can earn money from facebook.  Facebook has started its testing for ads publisher website and soon it will come in India along with other countries of Asia. Its current testing is going on in U.K and if the results will be positive then they launch it globally for all countries.They are the beta version of facebook ads publishing  and soon it will converted into stable version and can be used by all peoples.

There are too many ads publishing website but the major  problem is that they all are giving very small revenue . As we know that facebook is one the most popular platform and one the largest social media website so there is a good hope for better revenue.

Facebook monetization tolls will totally different from Adsense  because here they will provide the monetization option for videos on facebook. The concept of this monetization is drwan from youtube. The youtube provide video monetization option where you can see ads on videos. The same will going to launch by facebook but at this time you can't skip the ads like youtube. The reports tell us that the ads live for 90 seconds.

By the reports facebook will start the montization option for Asian countries in 3 to 4 month,  till then we have to wait.  If you are a youtuber or a video creator this is a good for you. 

The revenue share is same as on youtube where you get 55% commesion and 45% is taken by youtube same will be the case here on facebook they will give you 55% and remaining will be taken by facebook. It is a good news for all users because there will be atleast a compitator for youtube where some people are earning money for useless videos which gets trending.

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