Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amazon Spot The Honor 6x Contest- Clue Answer

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Amazon has today come again with a contest in which they are giving a chance to win Honour 6x on solving clue. This contest is same like Amazon App Treasure Hunt in. In this  Spot The Honor 6x they are giving a clue every half hour which you need to solve. you Have To Find Answers Of These Clues And Search Product Like Amazon App Treasure Hunt. Contest Will Be Running From 10 AM To 10 PM Today. This Contest is live on 25 December

How to Play In Honor 6x Contest- Honor 6x contest

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1. First of All Download Amazon App And login to your account

2. Click on the Spot The 
Honour 6x

3. You will see The clue

4 Solve The Clue [Available On Amazon App]

5. Find The Product That Matches The Clue 

6. Go To The Detail Page

7 Find The Honour 6x Sticker

8 Click On The Sticker

9. That is it

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