Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Choose Best EarPhone? Earphone logic

Today I will tell you some specifications about ear phone so that you can buy a best earn phone.What major points to be taken in account to buy a best ear phone is some what not known by most of us. Today in this post I revealed some tips that may help you to choose a better ear phone or headphone.

The first things comes into our mind is its sound quality. So let us discuss some facetors which affect sound quality in ear phone and head phone.

First I would like to discuss about head phone then I will move on Ear Phone.

Type Of Headphone :

Basically Headphone are of two types:

1. On Ear Headphone
2. Over Ear Headphone.

It Is better to buy over ear headphone for long time usage. It is bit costly but sounds clearity is really good. 

Ear Phone Specifications logic 😎😋.

Before buying a headphone notice some technical points like Impedance, frequency etc. .

Impedance :

If you are a science student then it is quite easy to understand this term. Impedance is basically resistance of the earphone's wire. Higher will be impedance more will be bass and sound quality. But higher Resistance wire also consume high energy.

If you are taking earphone for mobile then use 14 to 18 ohm resistance wire.

Frequency Response:-

While looking for Headphone's specifications you generally see some lower frequency range and upper frequency range.

Frequency range of Human Ear is from 20Hz to 20kHz. In this range a normal human can able to hear something.

For more bass and good sound quality the lower range of frequency must be lower than 20Hz. and Higher frequency range must be higher than 20KHz.

Wire length:

Basically you can choose wire length about 1meter.

So I think nkw you can buy a better ear phone as well as headphone. If you have any queries then don't forget to comment.

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