Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hide Media Files from Android gallery without any app!

Yes! There are many apps out there in the play-store to hide the media in your android. But they would be found in the app drawer and you maybe forced to open it or you need to pay for the premium version of the app to go stealth mode. But here we are at discover tricks with a method to hide them without suspicions(Shhh! keep it a secret). Lets do it.

Step 1 : You need a file explorer which has the ability to create files. ES file manager Preferable .

Step 2 : Find a folder or create a folder which doesn't create any suspicion from new ->folder (mylilsecretfolder is probably not the best name !)

Step 3 : Within the folder create a file named ".nomedia" by new -> file.

Step 4 : Copy the media (pictures, videos, Audios ,anything!) into the folder.
Open the gallery and check.Bingo You had successful hid the files from the prying eyes.( rename the files to random name for better safety.) for the the files. It should have been disappeared.

Congratulations ! you are now a android ninja ! Hurray!

Please: remember the location of the folder.

Tried the method and have any issues? let us know :)

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