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How To Get High Speed In Bsnl Broadband Even After 1Gb FUP Crossed (August 2016)

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This page has Been updated on 16th Feb 2017

Hello Guys if you are using BSNL broadband then you will definetly like this Trick. As you know all BSNl plans have FUP(Fair Usage Policy)  which is,  after using some data every month your Download speed gets low to 60kbps, but today i am here with a BSNL Broadband Hack from which you can get high speed in BSNL after the high speed limited expires. e.g if you are on Rs 675 combo plan you are getting 1Gb high speed internet after that your speed reduces to 60kbps but here i will tell you how can you Hack BSNL broadband and can get unlimited high speed in BSNL broadband.

Steps to Get High Speed on BSNL Broadband Even After your FUP of 1 Gb is crossed

1.) When you use your 1 GB high speed internet on BSNl broadband you will get be redirected to page where you will be asked to top up with some plan to get high speed again like below in screenshot. you close the tab

2. Now open google you will see Google website not redirecting to Bsnl page. So now you can browse youtube , Google , Playstore, facebook with high speed but when you open any other website like Discovertricks, Indiaresults, hdmoviespoint those website will redirect you to BSNL Top up page. To open these websites,  follow below steps

3. Download Open Vpn From Here or From official website

4.Now Download any one Config File From below links. Check both config files which one will work for you

We will regularly update new config files here so bookmark this page for new config files

 Download Config  Here ( Updated 16 Feb 2017)

5. Install Open VPN on your PC.

6. Now Locate Config file on your PC and copy these files Move them to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

7.Now Open The "Open VPN"  but Run it As Administrator. (You must Run it as Administrator )

8. Next you will see open vpn icon in the right corner of your display, Right click on it you will see Connect option and click on connect. wait few seconds you will be connected 

9.Now open any website you can browse it with high speed and your download speed will be more than 200kbps.

Note: If you have already exhausted High speed Then Vist This link and Topup Rs 100 Bsnl plan in which you will get 2Gb more high speed on your broadband and after 2Gb when you will see BSNL top up page again. Follow above steps to get unlimited Speed in your BSNL broadband trick 

For mobile

1. Download Open Vpn From Play store

2. Download Above Config File

3. Open app and click on import profile from SD card and locate the config file and select it

4. Now click on Connect 

5. You will be connected

Video tutorial Added Watch Below
This video tutorial is about mobile. For pc we will upload a new one today or tommorow .

Note :Do not switch off your router i m getting 250Kbps even after FUP


For mobile!
Tell me

Ty for trick bro pls add how to install config for mobile

password for config files br

not working any other method

Did you get the idea from this video ?

i followed steps but trick not working for me

config 1- udp config windows initialization sequence completed
but download speed is 60k
config 2- tcp config gives me connection timeout

Are you seeing the bsnl topup page when visiting other sites. It only works when that page shows

Worked For Me Fine. in Day Speed is low but in night Speed goes around 300kbps . Also in day i am able to play 720px videos on youtube

May I know what is config file?

I already decline the topup.
So it will not work now.

Download Config File From Above link

You can top up with Rs 100 to get 2gb and after 2gb you will get topup page again


it works only if you are getting bsnl pop up page..try tommorow 1st july

Worked for me last month when you post.. The 250kbps speed for download is getting in mornings only after that 60kbps till mid night but one thing while downloading youtube videos any time speed is 250kbps

zulkar bhai aaj hi upload krdo and agar nhi to fir nmd vpn ki link bhi de dena (tum apna hi upload krke uski link dedo) and thanc for d trick bhai hope it works :)

Discover Tricks Team,
I completed the above procedure(trick) before the limit got expired.. OpenVPN is showing connected to yours Config file. Will it work fine after limit is expired?


If it only works after BSNL pop up page shows up.. Then how am I supposed to download all the above files (Config) and OpenVPN ?

Shall I download the required files and proceed with the OpenVPN procedure after Limit is expired or can I proceed before that?

Yes But keep updated config files config files may stop working in few hours so we are updating config files every 2 hour

IT works before bsnl page pop us also but that time you are getting 250 speed so you do not need this and after that bsnl popup page shows you cannot download config files so you must download that first

before limit expire keep open vpn and config files downloaded and when expires just use that


Where from config file to be downloaded from 1st link

couldn't download the config file 1,it it taking to VPNgate site

not getting connected man,please help

not able to connect t it bro,please help

Dear, Discover tricks team, its only work 2gb after 2 gb use 60 kbps how to use high speed after 2gb?

Dear, discover tricks team, its work high speed only 2gb after 2gb download speed 50-60 kbps
So tell me how to use high speed download after 2gb use

Hey Bro awesome trick, worked like a charm.

Also could you please tell where did you get that ip config file from, i tried other config files from and some of them were not working and others were giving low speed.
If you could tell me the source of your config files that would be great.

thanks a lot bro, this trick made my day :)

We have added new config files download that

This trick is not working perfectly from yesterday with me you can try if works comment here

Yea, i guess bsnl figured it out. i was getting 2Mbps till last night and when i tried it first thing in the morning it was gone.

If you find a way please tell us.

tried this trick for th first time today
yes opening websites doesnt redirect to bsnl upgrade page but download speed is not more than 40kbps

open vpn ki conf update kar do chal nahi rahi hai please