Monday, June 6, 2016

A brand Started in 1853 and comes from the strauss family -Jabong Riddle

CLue- Levi Strauss

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CLue- Levi Strauss

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A brand Started in 1853 and comes from the strauss family

Today we are here to tell you another contest where you can get a free denim pair from jabong called as Jabong Riddle contest. This jabong contest is for privileged users where they will give Free 500 denims. So play contest and win a free Denim Pair. So be ready for contest. Solve a clue every hour and win a denim every hour. but do not worry we will give your clue answer every hour so be ready with us.

Clue 1- LEVI’S and


Clue 3- DOROTHY PERKINS Visit Here

How to Play the Jabong Riddle Contest 

  1. FIrst of all visit here on The Begning of Every Hour e.g 2PM

  2. Now, Solve the riddle (find the brand hidden in the riddle)

  3. Now go to jaboong website and search for that brand which you got in the riddle

  4. Now add that brand in cart and select size then discount will be provided

  5. That is it! you will get your pair of denim in few  days at your home

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