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Download DT Whatsapp To Run Dual Whatsapp in Same mobile

Dt Whatsapp

Hello friends today we are here to present you DT WhatsApp which has more features than official whatsapp. This modded version of WhatsApp can be used to Run second Whatsapp in same phone phone which has already Whatsapp installed. Today we will show you how to install two whatsapp on single phone and run two second accounts on that phone .Whatsapp tricks are mostly popular these days so today we have also posted trick for using two whatsapp accounts on same phone. i know you have tried many many modded whatsapps for using dual whatsapp acounts in same but some of them worked for some time then became absolute and other didn't worked. The last modded whatsapp which was working for running two accounts on same phone was OG whatsapp but in last month october 2015 that became absolute so today on January 5 we present you new modded version of whatsapp which can be used to run two whatsapp accounts on same phone which is called DT Whatsapp. Don't Worry we will give you full guide on how to use this for using dual whatsapp on same phone.

New Version Posted on16MAy Download Below

About DT Whatsaapp

DT Whatsapp is a WhatsApp MOD featuring better Material Design, Privacy, Color changing and many other mods with stock WhatsApp like Speed and Stability. DT whatsapp is modified by Zulkar Nain Admin & Owner of This DT Whatsapp is AntiBan2 MODs. This version of whatsapp is 100% safe to use and has privacy same as official whatsapp so dont worry about it use it with our gaurantee. This is same as official whatsapp but some options has been added to it . it Runs of same official whatsapp servers . So dont worry about getting hacked.

You can use DT Whatsapp Simultaneously  with Official Whatsapp


Download DT Whatsapp V 2.12.453  Here  

Download GB Whatsapp V 2.12.453  Here  (Updated 7th March)

Screenshots of DT Whatsapp


Features of DT WhatApp

  • Last seen hide

  • Blue tick hide

  • Doubletick hide

  • Hide typing..

  • Material Design

  • Hide Last Seen like Whatsapp Plus

  • Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Typing for Chat, Groups

  • Copy Messages without Date & Time (No Bug like Normal Whatsapp)

  • Share Big Files with Less limit

  • Custom Icon

  • Better Looking & Some MODs

  • Anti ban enabled – No Ban Issues like Whatsapp Plus

  • Calling feature enabled – No Need to Worry About calling Feature

  • Updated design with bug fixes – Fully Stable. All things & features working.

  • Latest mod – Including With All new features of whatsapp

Requirements For Using Dual whatsapp in same phone

  • Android Mobile or tablet

  • DT whatsapp APK

  • 3G/2G internet connection

How to Install Run Two Whatsapp Accounts on same phone with DT Whatsapp

  1. First of all Download and intall original whatsapp on your mobile adn register with first number. If already installed then skip this step.

  2. Now Download DT Whatsapp for Here and install it in your mobile.

  3. Now Register with second Number, same as you registered in official whatsapp

  4. Done! You have sucesfffuly dual whatsapp in same phone.

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  4. This version is became outdated on 29 December 2015. We can not use this DTwhatsapp anymore.
    Kindly provide us a new link for the updated app version.

  5. As i try to update the app.. It shows app is not installed.. Please fix it asap

  6. We will post latest version today evening

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  9. ye link pe dawnlod hota he but install nahi hota...

  10. There comes a error while installing the app. It shows like 'there was a problem parsing the package'
    Plz fix it asap. I dont have access to my whatsapp since last 4-5 days.

  11. Ok wait.... We will solve it as soon as possible...

  12. Wait ..We are trying our best to improve soon as possible...

  13. Problem still not fixed WHATSAPP NOT WORKING I dont have access to my whatsapp since last 4-5 days.

  14. Still this version is Not working please help WhatsApp not working from last 6days

  15. Many of our visitors now get satisfied...

    And now we check it 2 times it works fine ..

    Download from below link...

  16. We fixed installing problm and we checked it twice... It works fine

  17. It solves the obsolete problem?

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    Becoz we are also using it...and many also people also using it...

    Now there is no any problem

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  20. DT whatsapp showing error message. became obsolete in April 13, 2062. unable to update also. how to solve.old help.

  21. now its not working please find the solution admin

  22. This version of dtwhatsapp is now obsolete please provide update....

  23. The WhatsApp is not working.. It became obsolete. Kindly help

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  26. DT whatsapp showing error message. Your version of whatsapp has became obsolete in 15 april 2062. Plz resolve the problem

  27. download New Version of Gb whatsapp ...Link uopdated Today

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  29. <a href="" target="_blank">Download HEre</a>

  30. DT whatsapp showing error message. Your version of whatsapp has became obsolete in 17 march 2062. Plz resolve the problem

  31. New version also same GB WhatsApp

  32. yaar GB ke latest version h koi new

  33. Above version is not downloading yar

  34. Dude srry to say but I cant use gb whatsapp, og whatsapp and en whatsapp help please

  35. Thanks for your work and cooperation we appreciate it. But please can you add a feature like freeze or pause ur last seen as it was in other accounts like whatsapp solo, whatsmapp. THANK YOU

  36. Amazing article.. thanks for provide dual Whatsapp Trick. your trick is working fine. keep it up.

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