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Wordpress Tutorial : How to make website on Wordpress?

The best platform for website development is wordpress. There are thousand of beginner who daily search for how to make website on wordpress ? , but even most of them not able to make a website on wordpress. Here today I will teach you all the things about wordpress. I will give you the whole knowledge and my own experience on wordpress. I will also give you a idea about earning real money via website. Many of my friends always asking about website?, how to make website?, how we earn via website? etc. Now in this post I am going to give all answers.

Wordpress is a web software that helps you to create your own website and software. It is free. I know you are thinking about hosting, wait I will also come to that point. Wordpress is available for free. the only thing that knock your pocket is web hosting. You have to pay huge amount to web hosting to use wordpress software.

Wordpress is a software that allows you to install a wide range of themes, to customize website without knowing the single word of HTML. Wordpress software is a a devil way to create speechless website. There are infinite number of wordpress theme that allows you to create any type of website ranging from a simple blog to a complex web hosting site. Wordpress software come with web hosting. Thus to make a wordpress website you need only web hosting.

Blogger Also provide something same feature like wordpress but most of peoples always choose wordpress. It is because wordpress provides not only theme but also plugins that help you to edit theme and add features that basically not possible on bloggers. Wordpress plugins are its major weapon that help it to leave behind in the race of web.

Wordpress provide unexpected feature but even some people like blogger. It is because of free of cost platform. Blogger also provide beautiful templates but not plugins. It becomes difficult for you to customize your website as per the demand. On  other hand , wordpress theme are too flexible and easy to design as per the demands.

I have bad experience with wordpress due to web hosting. Sometimes due to heavy traffic on website, my website took more time to open. On that very day , I forced to transfer my site on blogger. The purpose of sharing this is to inform about hosting problem. If you are decided to make website on wordpress then you need more money and time. No doubt wordpress is best but even blogger users challenges wordpress users in investment. So before going to make website, please be sure about hosting.So let us start our main topic-

How To Set up website on Wordpress:

  • The first thing you need to choose your domain name. Your domain name must follow the these characteristics
  1. Must be attractive

  2. easy and short name.

  3. Easy to pronounce

  4. Must follow with your website post. If you want to make blog related with news then think something that relate your domain name with news.

  5. Must be SEO friendly. Try to think name that most people use to search in google and other search engines.
  • The second most important thing is web hosting. It is very important to choose correct and best web hosting.
To Buy Web Hosting- Click Here

Choose the correct web hosting. The above refer you to a good web hosting site and cheap also. Better support and best features also.
  • After buying web hosting, register your domain name in your hosting.
Suppose you this is your domain- Yourdomain.com

Now, set your domain name in your hosting which you bought. If you feel any problem while set up domain in hosting then feel free to contact us. If you successfully registered your domain name then you have to change your name server.

Set Your Name Server-

Go to your domain registration website, from where you bought your domain. I would like to give godaddy example because most of the people buy domain through Godaddy. So follow me-
  • Go to Godaddy - Click Here

  • Sign In with your account.

  • Now you will see Domains and on right side you can easily find Manage.

  • Click on Manage ,Now You will able to see your domain.

  • Click On it and Now on next page, Go to manage Nameserver. See below Screenshots

  • Enter your web hosting server here. If you host on blue host then write Bluehost nameserver.
  • Now wait some time. It take some hours to point your domain to your web hosting. You can check by opening your domain.
  • After doing the above thing , go to Yourdomain.com/cpanel that is go to your cpanel.

  • See the above snap and click On wordpress. You will find this on your cpanel. On next page, set your wordpress details. See below snap for more details.

  • Click On Install This Application. Leave blank Directory (Optional) .See the below snap for further details

  • Scroll down and on setting, Fill the details of your websites , email , user name and password.
  • Lastly, install the wordpress and goto yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Now log in with your user name and password you set while installing. You can also get your username and details on your email, which you entered while installing.

Important Plugins That Must For New Wordpress Website

Plugins are the soul of wordpress. The knowledge of plugins really  help you to set up beautiful website. It also help you in SEO. So if you are going to make a wordpress website then the following plugins must be needed to your website. So check out weather you installed these plugins or not. If you missed any of them then please install it.

How To Install Plugins?
  • Go To Dashboard

  • See Left Bar and click On PLUGINS.

  • Click On Add New Plugins

  • Search For Plugins or Click On Upload Plugins

  • Now Choose the required plugins and click on install and after that activate that plugins.
Install the

Akismet - It is used for comment. Means, if you made a blog then you received spam comments on your site. Akismet block spam comment and protect your site from spamer.

Yoast SEO- It is another way to bring your post on search engines. It really improve your SEO. Install it for better results and traffic on blog.

WordPress Importer- It used for Importing files, post , images etc. That is it helps in content transformation. It is a easy way to import any thing and used by many peoples.

How To Earn Via Blogging ?

If you made a blog and want to earn some real money then it become quite easy with us. I will give you idea how to earn money via  blog. If you know about only adsense then it quite difficult for you in starting months.No doubt that Adsense pay high revenue to those who high traffic on their blog. If you started  blogging then it is very difficult for you to earn great money via adsense daily. If you think to earn illegally then I would like to warn you you. Adsensee is one of the secured and sensitive. If you not follow its terms and condition then your account get disapproved.

Follow with below Post. If You Feel Any Doubt, then feel free to contact us. We will give our 100% to help you.

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