Sunday, February 28, 2016

How To Convert Shopclues Cluebucks Into Mobikwik Cash

These days Shopclues is one of the most popular online store on internet. So everyone is shoppng on shopclues by which they are earning Shopclue Cluebucks either from referral or from any other method. When you earn these Clue Bucks you want to convert it in mobile recharge or want to transfer it into bank accountbut there is no such option for that.
So today we have come with a trick by which you can convert Shopclue Bucks into Mobikwik cash with a very simple method. So The main focus of this article is covert clue bucks into mobikwik cash.
Read below how can you transfer shopclue Bucks into mobikwik

Steps To Convert Shopclue Bucks Into Mobikwik Cash

1. First of You Must Visit Shopclues Website Here

2. Login to your Account

3. Now Select any Product which you wish and add it to cart. The product price Must be less than the bucks which you want to convert.
e.g If you want to convert 100 bucks then product must be less than Rs 100

4. Now Proceed To Checkout Amd make payment through your bucks and pay remaining ammount through mobikwik ( keep remaining ammount greater than Rs 4)

6. Now when your order is placed  and confirmed CANCEL Your order and select Refund In MObikwik Wallet

7. Now after few days you will receive your full refund in Mobikwik Wallet which you can use for online shopping, Bill payment or Mobile Recharge.

Note : You can also transfer Your refunded money in bank account so which mean this post will also teach you how to transfer shopclues Bucks in Bank account

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