Thursday, January 7, 2016

Woohoo App Free GV :– Get Unlimited Credits From using 1 Number (No Root Required) + Unlimited Tricks Added

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Don't read above Para.Woohoo is a one of the best way to get free gift vouchers. You can get unlimited gift vouchers from 100 plus brands. You can use woohoo to get unlimited gift vouchers. I also used it and now publish it in public. I earned upto 20K by using woohoo, and used many accounts. Sometimes I got failure but I notice each time and now I am giving that trick to you. Woohoo app is best way to shop and show off in front of your friends. You can also buy gift online coz woohoo has 100 plus brand, you can use any brand GV.


Below I give two way to earn one is a common way and other one is trick. To use that trick you need 2 android phone. It is easy and you can use it without rooted phone. If you don't have 2 android phone then you can search a partner in whatsapp or below comment box. Both of you can together earn unlimited. If you still not getting a 2 smart phone then you need to root your phone. Once you rooted your phone then you able to change your IMEI no. and Android ID. By changing these two you can also earn unlimited GV. So let us discuss one by one.

How To Get Free Gift Card :-

  1. Click here to download the app.

  2. Now here comes the trick

  3. If you have already downloaded the app click this link to accept our gift.

  4. Click on the above link 2-3 times.

  5. Now go to menu and click on Spread Joy.

  6. Click on Continue.

  7. Enter your name and receiver’s name.

  8. Share it and collect your referral link.

  9. Share this link with your friends.

  10. After successful registration of your friend you will get Rs 25.

WOOHOO  App Unlimited Tricks :-

  1. First you need two android phones.

  2. Click here to download Woohoo on the first phone.

  3. Now go to option.

  4. And click on spread joy.

  5. Send the invitation to the second phone.

  6. Now install the app from the invitation link which you sent.

  7. Then again go to the first device and click on Spread Joy.

  8. Send to second device again.

  9. Now click on the link and claim invitation.

  10. Repeat step 7-9 again and again up to 25 times.

  11. You can earn Rs 500 gift card from this trick.

How do I use this eGift card:-

  • Select your favourite Gift card:
    Go to and select your favourite card from 100+ brands

  • Pay using the woohoo card:
    At checkout pay using the card# and PIN that is given above and that’s it! You can now use the gift card to shop at your favourite store

  • Terms of use:
    Gift cards cannot be refunded for cash. This gift card is part spendable. For more terms visit


  1. I dont get even a single money from the woohoo app. Its not working man

  2. You will get only points not can redeem it to get gift vaouchers

  3. Ye abhi working hai kya??

  4. i got only 25 point. i snt 25 times

  5. But how it can possible... U can get either 50 or 150 points.. 50 points for referral and 150 points when ur frnd cross 200 points..