Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hidden Game inside Google Chrome on Both Android And Pc

Google Chrome is the most popular browser not only in India but around globe. The main reason behind it is that it preinstalled in every android mobile phone, but this is not the only reason for this, there are more reasons behind this. If you are Goole Chrome you will be familier with the T-Rex dinosaur which appears on screen when you are not connected to internet. The T-rex had short arms so lot of things were out of its reach similarly Chrome is having trouble reaching the Internet.

More things About This T-Rex dinosaur

This T-Rex dinosaur is not just only a image which appears when you are offline but actually it is a  game. yes! it is game which you can play on both pc and mobile. When you are offline. When you start the Game The T-Rex will run and your mission is to stop it from bumping into the saguaros -

Source for Image Alltechbuzz

How To Play Chrome offline Game

If yo want to play this T-Rex Game on your chrome you must disconnect internet from your pc on Android, in simple you must switch to Airplane mode then then when this Game will appear Press Spacebar on you keyboard when play from desktop. Now when you try it from mobile donnect internet and open google chrome open any website this image will appear simply Click on T-Rex Dinasour Image and game will automatically start.

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