Saturday, January 9, 2016

Discvertricks Game Time | win amazon Rs-400 GV


We hurtly welcome you in our game. Today is our 2nd day of game and yesterday we give Rs-200 recharge coupon to Mukesh. Mukesh won yestetday and today is your chance to win.

To Participate in our game you have to follow us on google plus and like our facebook page. Also don't forget to shars.


1.)Firstly Follow us on google plus by Clicking Follow button below

2) Like our facebook page by Clicking on Like Button Below

3) Share below lines on your  facebook profile by Copying Below Line and then post it on Facebook
Hello Friends I Have Found a New Website Which Gives Latest Updates About Free Recharge Tricks and Best Shopping. You Mush visit This website
Today They Are Offering Free Rs 400 Amazon Gift Voucher Vistit This Website and Earn Rs 400 Amazon Gift Voucher

Winner Will those who give correct ans and follow our rules.

Winner Announced- Vijesh Kumar

Congo Vijesh You Won Rs-400.

He answered First and shared our site,liked Fb page and followed Us.

Vigesh send your name contact no on our email

Ans- (a) 1

Because it ws given 1=5 that means 5=1 so this was answe

PRIZE- AMAZON Rs-400 gift voucher (Alternate Recharge of Rs-400)


Choose Correct answer.

Please Note That->
1) You will be disqualified if you don't follow out participation procedure. So follow us,like us and also share this post.

2) We have taken question from previous exams and interview. And yesterday we asked UPSC 2013 question. This question is asked in an interview. So our answer as per interviewer answer. Please don't contradict us.


# Admin
Example Comment


it is 3125 bhai


a} 1
is the ans

fb share page

Answer '1'
As Already stated 1=5


Where is facebok shared post url...

Where is facebok shared post url…

Answer. Is (A)5=1

Where is facebok shared post url…

Where is facebok shared post url…

is the correct answer

You have to share our site...first read the game condition...

Answer is B) 3125 because the answer is 5 times the multiple of previous answer

First Read our condition for playing this game...

Ans is 3125

Already shared and sent the reply sent u screenshots also in what's app

Where is facebok shared post url…

Fb url is

Answer is : 25*5= 125, 125*5= 625, 625*5= 3125
And its answere is: (b) 3125

Answer is 3125

Done sir liked and shared facebook nd google+
Answer (b) 3125

Where is facebok shared post url…

Arey yaaar......aaap ek exact time

abhi v der nahi huwa hain...yaha jada tar log disqualified ho chuke hain.... unhone condition follow nhi kiya

This is my facebook shared link

B- 3125 is the answer
I have shared the post also in facebook
My profile link

Thankyou so much Discovertricks.
I am in shocked.. I wouldn't believe that I won Rs-400 amazon gv. Thankyou very very much..

But i don't founded ur shared post on fb...

Thanks sanal