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Facebook autolikers scripts, spam scripts 100% working free download

Download Facebook autoliker scripts, spam scripts 100% working


As we all know that autoliker is become one of the common website on internet and many of us want to make this type of website to gain fame and popularity among our friends. But the main problem is that , we don't have any working scripts. If we have some scripts then features are not included in that very scripts. I mean to say that we don't have a proper scripts to make a beautiful autoliker websites. Some of our friends don't know about facebook autolikers. facebook spam site  so, I will try to give them a basic knowledge about all these things. If someone don't know about how to make autoliker website then in that very case I will also give a basic knowledge about it. So let Us start our procedures.

What is Facebook Autoliker websites?

It is type of social marketing website where people use it to gain likes and comments on post, friend request, followers, Multipost to groups or friend's timeline etc. Basically all facebook autoliker website don't provide all these tools. Different sites have different features and give differents number of likes or commnets on post, differents number of friend request etc. It's not fixed that a particular facebook autoliker site will give a definite number of likes and comments on post,it depends upon its visitors. Many autolikers sites are not safe to use but some of them are trusted likes --

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How To Use Autolikers?

Here I give you a short description about how you can use any facebook autoliker. I will teach you about login procedure. The difficult point in using a autoliker is only login methods, after that you can easily use it.

#STEP-1:  First  you need to Change your follower setting to everyone. {Go on Setting>follower>public or click here}

Now Go to Status PRIVCY and click it On Public . Set your Status Privcy to Public

#STEP-2: Choose any autoliker website.



You Will see like this-

"Click Here To Go To Our Token Page Then Allow Permission To The App & Copy The Url Of Ending Page
Important:- Don't Forget To Make Everything Public In Your Facebook Follower [ Setting ]"

#STEP-4: Click on  [[click here]]
A HTC sense will open
It Will Ask your permission three times . You just have to click  Ok Ok Ok 

#STEP-5:- In last you will get a warning in Red

Pease go back to the site home page

#STEP-6: Now Click again oN
[[Click Here]]
Copy The Link  something like that before you get the warning in red. It is your token don't give this to anyone. ess_token=CAAAACZAVC 6ygBAD4x5sIGlA3OpzcU xiE4wCZCNeFLtRwCkDbO A1IlwCY3H9nlmkOkNaDg VrMk92rbqZCaLHk0INuk mbQOc6J5ZBimcLZBMz3h RiNaEqTYOYf0rkZCpse2 jvkopRVRnAaQ0FYqOZA LQ8

#STEP-7: Now again go to your autoliker website and paste your token in token bar and click on submit or login.

#STEP-8: Its all done. Now you have to choose which autoliker tool you want to use.

What Is Facebook Spam scripts?

These are  fake autoliker websites which is use for advertisement of websites. If you use any spam autoliker website, then it will automatically post the advertisement content to your friend's timeline or every facebook groups or put a comment on your friend's post. Any of them can happened or it may be possible that all of them can also happened. So away from these fake autoliker websites. It's dangerous for you because you don't know whats content it post via your id to public. And it is not possible for you to delete all the spam post. It's not possible for you to distinguis between real autoliker and fake autolike. So please use the given autoliker only.

Time To Make Own Autoliker Website?

We Have  large number of facebook autliker scripts. We will give some scripts it free of cost. So respect my work and comments below.

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