Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bookmyshow unlimited wallet tricks : Book free movie tickets

Hello Everyone,we are now announcing a great trick that make your EID grand. This trick is all about BookMyShow free tickets.Now Watch films with friends and family without any cost because this trick is special. This trick is first on net and only we publishes this trick on net. So always with us for more tricks and offers.

BookMyShow introduced refer program. In this offer your friend get Rs-100 instantly when you refer bookmyshow app to him/her  and you will also get Rs-100 when he/she booked first tickets from BMS app. You can send unlimited referral link to your friends, but it is not sure that you can earn unlimited  by referring.Don't worry about that you can still earn unlimited by referring themselve. That's the trick we are going to share. Now refer themselves and get unlimited bookmyshow movie tickets.

What Is The Official Offer from BookMyShow?

In this offers If you refer BMS app to anyone then he/she will get Rs-100 Instantly but you will receive your credit after His/Her first transaction.

 ReferMyFriend promo till the midnight of Jun 30th, 2016

Conditions For Unlimited bookmyshow trick ?

  • Firstly your mobile should be rooted.

  • IMEI number changer

  • Android ID changer.

These are the three basic conditions for using this trick. Please comments below if you have any difficulties while using thhis trick. Let us start trick.

Follow All The Steps Carefully and read all the instructions:-

STEP 1-First You have to download BMS app. Click here TO DOWNLOAD IT.

Note- Please Download BMS app via above link. If you not use the above link then your referral code will not show and you will loss your Rs-100.

STEP 2- Now signup with your personal email and phone number(This is your saving account and please use my referral code to unlock referral code --My Referral code-.MHFC33Q).

STEP 3-After that Save your referral code and link.

STEP 4- Uninstall or clear the data of your BMS app.

STEP 5- Now change your IMEI number and Android Id.

STEP 6- Again make new account in BMS. You can choose any random email and enter  unregistered mobile number.

STEP 7- Please verify your entered mobile number .

STEP 8- Now Go To ReferMyFriend in the YOU section of BMS app.

STEP 9- Enter your saved referral code and you will get Rs-100 instantly in your wallet.

STEP 10- Redeem this Rs-100 from your wallet. Please insure that the tickets must have minimum price of Rs-200 0r more without including the addition.

**You have to book ticket above Rs-200 so  forget this trick. This is only for our users who really want to learn something different. **

Done..... You are successfully do all the process... Now repeat this for 25 times and after that make new saving account.


  1. When you activate BookMyShow (BMS) MyWallet and are eligible to receive credits, you accept to abide by these terms & conditions.
  2. You are earn referral credits under an ongoing BMS ReferMyFriend promo only when the friends who you’ve shared the codes with purchase a ticket/tickets on BookMyShow whose cumulative value greater than Rs. 200 (excluding convenience fee & taxes) using your shared code.
  3. When you newly sign-up or have never purchased tickets on BookMyShow before you earn instant credits when apply your friend’s code. To get your own code you login from the YOU tab, verify your email, activate MyWallet and book tickets on BookMyShow with a cumulative value greater than Rs. 200 (excluding convenience fee & taxes). If you have previously transacted on BookMyShow above this amount and are signed in with the same email or phone number you will see your own code when you check ReferMyFriend tab.
  4. Standard amount of BMS referral credit under the ongoing ReferMyFriend promo is Rs 100 for both parties, receivers and senders.
  5. All referral credits can be found in the BMS MyWallet and have an expiry of 60 days from the date of credit into the BMS MyWallet. 1 BMS credit is equivalent to the value of Re. 1 and BMS credits can only be used within the BookMyShow system and is not meant to serve as an alternate currency.
  6. Under the ReferMyFriend, you are eligible to accumulate referral credits from 25 friends only and although you may share your code with more than 25 people, you may not receive instant credits.
  7. You can receive the indicated value in BMS credits under the ReferMyFriend promo till the midnight of Jun 30th, 2016 on all Indian cinemas booked through the BookMyShow app.
  8. ReferMyFriend feature is app only promo and may not be available on the BookMyShow website or mobile-website.
  9. BMS ReferMyFriend promo is meant to reward our BookMyShow fans for spreading the love amongst their friends and family, and not meant for accumulating credits through broadcasting on a webpage, a blog or any other mass anonymous communication medium or through means similar to affiliate programs or any means for commercial gains.
  10. As a BookMyShow user, you can have one unique login. Creating duplicate emails, signing-in from multiple devices, multiple sign-ins from a device and having more than one MyWallet account per user in order to unduly gain referral credits is not appropriate and we will not honor such codes.
  11. If at any point, BMS verifies the usage of the promo code violates the Terms & Conditions or is abusive to the spirit of the referral program, BMS reserves the sole right to suspend the user from the program and suspension of MyWallet account or reversal of gained BMS credits, as determined by BMS.
  12. For any further questions on BMS ReferMyFriend promos or issues with credits please write into helpdesk@bookmyshow.com or call on 022-6144-5050. To get in touch from within the BookMyShow app, tap-on the YOU tab and find the MySettings icon on the top-right of this page. On clicking on MySettings, you will be able to find the options of Insta-help, Call us or Email us.
  13. BookMyShow reserves the sole right to modify, terminate or extend the ReferMyFriend promotion and any particulars of the promotion, as the promo duration, referral credit amount, region and cinemas associated with it.


  1. 15 mobile no.s and email ids kahaan se laayenge

  2. email id ko verify nhi karna parta hain so apne man se koi daall do..

  3. This trick needs mobile number also, not just the email id.Use your logic.

  4. And dont just post tricks that is nearly impossible.

  5. It's taking lot of tym to get my referral code..!
    It's been a hour since I'm waiting for my code..
    Guys can anyone tell me... In how much tym have you received your referral codes?

  6. email id and mob no. are basic things for signup and login process. And as I already told u that, In BMS app there is no email verification system therefore we can use any unregistered Email id. But BMS verify mob no. and we can't use any random mob number. If u dont have mob no. then what we can do for you. We can only suggest you to asked mob no. from your friends.

  7. It may be impossible for some people like you.

  8. Pls book ur first ticket..then it will show... or make new acnt and use my referral code u will get rs 100 and then buy ticket,,.. after ur first transaction ,ur referral code will appeared

  9. Posting it without trying is the only reason.