Friday, November 13, 2015

Airtel Free Internet Tricks~UDP Tricks free internet tricks 2016

Airtel Free Internet Tricks~free internet tricks

Hello friends, now enjoy airtel free internet tricks. Yes you are listen 100% right now you can enjoy airtel free internet. This trick is simple and not included any proxy,vpn,software etc. You have to just type some number. Today airtel free internet tricks are trending topics and that is why we also post that trick. It may happened that this may not work in your city but we have tested it in many places and we found it works well. So try your self and comment below. We added two methods for airtel free internet tricks. You can use anyone of them. PLease try it ar low balance. These free internet tricks can be used to get unlimited internet on airtel.  First two Methods below does not use any vpn or something but the last trick for airtel free internet use vpn. So read below how to use free internet on airtel

Methods for using free internet on airtel

First Methos

1. At first Dial 129 from Airtel number.

2. After making call a song plays then its will allow you to choose language

3. Now press 0361 from your keypad very fast wait for some time and then you will receive sms from airtel

Boom! Now enjoy free internet on airtel

Second Methods for airtel fee internet

1. Dial *129# and select popular packs from options 3

3. Then Select Internet Packs at 4th number

4. After that select 5 option of 1.25gb internet pack

5. Reply with 1 to confirm your activation (Try in low balance only).

6. Congratulations, You Get Free 1.25 GB Data In Your Sim (Do it upto 3 times).

 Read Airtel free internet trick by dt troid vpn

Internet trick for airtel by troid vpn is working 100% i am using this trick from last 1 month.  All other free internet tricks for airtel has been blocked by airtel but this airtel free internet trick is still working and we are are giving you this trick before other blogs.  So follow steps to get new free internet tricks for airtel

Steps to use airtel free internet by dt vpn

  1. Download dt troid vpn first

  2. Now insta it and open it to use free internet from vpn

  3. Now click on advance and select proxy 188.103.381 and port 8080

  4. After that select l port and rpott 443 and 0 respectively

  5. Now click on connect you will be successfully able to use free internet on airtel

Note : Try this offer at your own risk, We are not responsible for any balance loss. Tested in M.P., Haryana, Gujarat..

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