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Package of All Apk,s For Rooted Android Mobiles

Pack of all APK Apps  for Rooted Mobiles

Today have we Gathered all Applications For rooted mobiles which will  take your android mobile to the next level. By these applications, you can take your android mobile to next level. In this post, we have put all apk  files which can be used for changing values like changing Device ID, IMEI, and many more things. This package contains all Apps For Rooted mobiles. this package contains the full list of apk's which a looter must have.

Why do we values in android

The benefits of changing these values like device id or imei is you can use unlimited imei numbers on your android phone. Also, some apps read your id and imei so to cheat these apps we may change these values. e.g when you install Flipkart App on your mobile for the first time they give you Rs 150 voucher but when you uninstall it and try to install it again to get voucher again but you cannot get it because you have earlier downloaded Flipkart App on your device. So to cheat with Flipkart App we change device id and imei of mobile and install Flipkart again and we get coupon again because Flipkart reads your imei and see there is new imei so they give you free Coupon of Rs 150.

Full List of Android Apps Used for changing Device Id and other Things

1.) Android Id Changer App

Android Id Changer App is an android App which is used change Id of android device. Every android mobile has a unique id called Android Id or device Id by which the device is identified. Many android Apps read your android Id to various purposes you can download this App and change android Id. I have also Posted a full tutorial on How To Change Android Id With Android Id AppThis App  change your devices ANDROID_ID value by using the secure settings API system. Android Id Changer is available on Play store but it is not free now, but you do not need to worry we have uploaded this App on This website discovertricks.com

Download Android Id Changer App Here

2.) Xposed Installer ( Framework)

Xposed Installed is an android app which is developed by XDA Developers. This app does not change anything on your devices. This app allows you to run many apps like IMEI Changer, donkey guard which are it's modules. The Xposed installer is Framework for Modules which changes behavior or value of system without touching any App. This feature is also available in the app that you can undo any change by just deactivating that modules which bring any change in the system. You can download Xposed Installer by below Link.

Download Xposed InsatllerHere

3.) IMEI Changer

IMEI Changer is a module of Xposed Framework and also an android App. This app is used to change imei  number of your android mobile. The value is not permanent you can always get your original  imei by clicking on set original imei. This module is also available on play store with one free version and another paid version. Free version also works great but it contains ads and paid version does not contain ads. Imei changer pro also has a function to set random imei by just one click which is not available in free version there you need to enter manually every time. Download Imei changer from below link and after install activate it in Xposed framework and reboot your device to get properly activate.

Download Imei Changer Free Version Here

Download Imei Changer Paid Version Here

4.) Donkey Gaurd

Downlod Donkey Gaurd Here

Donkey which is a module of Xposed and is developed by Xda developers. Donkey guard has many features.DonkeyGuard allows you a fine-grained tuning of access to your private data. It currently supports 41 restrictions which can be applied for every application. Specifically, it is a Privacy service provider which implements a set of modifications to the Android Framework to allow you to interact with applications which are trying to access your private data.

DonkeyGuard allows blocking access for any installed application on your phone to the following data separately:

  • device_id

  • phone_number

  • sim_serial_number

  • subscriber_id

  • ncoming_call_number

  • outgoing_call_number

  • gps_and_network_location

  • impi_impu

  • cell_info

  • accounts

  • accounts_credentials

  • read_contacts

  • read_call_log

  • call_phone

  • read_calendar

  • receive_sms

  • send_sms

  • receive_mms

  • send_mms - not implemented in alpha

  • record_audio

  • use_camera

  • read_bookmarks

  • wifi_info

  • switch_mobile_network_state

  • switch_wifi_state

  • sim_info

  • network_info

  • android_id

  • access_media

  • read_external_storage - not implemented in alpha

  • write_calendar

  • write_call_log

  • write_contacts

  • write_bookmarks

  • write_external_storage - not implemented in alpha

  • account_authenticator

  • read_sms

  • write_sms

  • read_mms

  • write_mms

  • network_state

Source For above information

5.)Cheat Droid 

CheatDroid is a Shared Preferences Editor for Android. Shared Preferences are the most common way for apps to store settings and information about you. CheatDroid helps you viewing and even editing that information.

Cheat droid is very useful for gaming lovers. By this app, they can solves puzzles in games also can create high scores. All I say is that many apps store your information on your phone, but you forget that like password and other things this app allows you to get this info from your phone.

Download Cheat Droid Here

6. Xprivacy

Xprivacy Is a module of the xposed installer and this app is also developed by XDAxda. Xprivacy blocks many applications from leaking privacy sensitive data .XPrivacy can restrict the categories of data which  an application can access. All these things done by X privacy is by giving random or fake info to the application. e.g if you want to restrict any app from using your messages, xprivacy will send a fake message list to the app.

Download Xprivacy App Here

7. Lucky Patcher.

lucky patcher is also a module of xposed . this app is used to patch apps to remove ads in the app and it is also used to in-app purchase without paying a single penny

Download Lucky Patcher

8.Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some. You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app’s data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app.

Download Titanium Backup 

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