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(Live Again)Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue Answers for 17th June


Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue for 17th June 2016

(Welcome to Amazon app treasure contest.)


(Live Again) Amazon App Treasure Hunt

Welcome back to amazon app treasure hunt game. It will live from 17th June 2016 that is  tomorrow . On first time when amazon app treasure hunt were introdues was very difficult to add the given product into your cart but this time the game will become more interesting. Now on this time after every 15 minutes you will get new clues. Means this time there is a hope for buy product at 1 rupee. Our discovertricks share this information first on net and from tomorrow on wards we will disclose the answer of the clue first on net. So be ready with us. Amazon app treasure hunt is one of the best way to shop expensive items. As amazon is one of the largest shopping website in world so it is 100% safe and if you able to guess the clue within time then you will surely get that product. This is only for amazon app,it will not work on web.

How To Play Amazon App Treasure Hunt?

  • Step 1- Guess the answer of the give clue

  • Step 2- Find the product on amazon search bar.

  • Step 3- Click on that product and open the offer page.

  • Step 4- Claim that product at Rupee 1.

Some Tips To Get The Offer-

  • First You Need To Online with Us because we will out the clue answer as fast as possible on net.

  • You  should need to maintain browsing speed upto 2000kbps. To become fast.

  • Join Us On whatsapp so that you can get answer directly on whatsapp.

  • Our Whatsapp Number.- +12139211356

More About Amazon App Treasure Hunt

It's a way to promote amazon app. Amazon is World's largest eCommerce website and in India due to flipkart,snapdeal, shopclues. askmebazaar, paytm. Ebay the competition is become more tough. So that's why amazon started this game to attract Indian people. It is just a way of promoting but you can take its benefits. Here amazon provide items  at just in 1 rupee. So, don't miss this offer grab it with us.


  • This Promotion is applicable only on the App and not on the website or mobile website of Amazon.

  • You agree that, by participating in this Promotion, you will be bound by these T&Cs and you acknowledge that you satisfy all Promotion eligibility requirements as provided herein below.

Yes Discovertricks Team will be bringing all the answers and links for the #AmazonTreasureHunt live to you through, through whatsapp alerts and through email alerts.

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All in one printer

bro if possible either leave a link to the product or else give us full name. tired of searching for amazing spiderman2 but no luck

What is this? Amazing spiderman 2 game? movie? dress? shoes?

I have no clue..that answer is vague and could be anything from pencil box to wii game

it's not very helpful since I can't find the product and I've been looking for last 35 minutes.

Plz send clues to my above mail id.

Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Portable External Hard Drive for Mobile (Gray)
Answer of 1 pm

jawbone fitness tracker

does anyone really getting any of the deals???
every time it is 100% claimed.......

guys its skull candy spgfy idiots find fast 5pm answer

U guys took a lot of time, by the time ul got the answer.. It was over... The skullcandy S2PGFY

dude i got captain america blu ray copy its working but by your luck it comes

Has anyone got any deal ? I dont think it is working.

If this website can provide answers then it can also book the deals on Amazon. Who will do charity for you ? :) Who's gaining ?

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