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adsense: A brief description

Today we discuss about adsense. Topic To Be Covered In This Post are:-

  • What Is Adsense?

  • How Does It Works?

  • How To Approve Adsense In Blog?

What Is Adsense?


Google Adsense is a online advertisement program run by google. In this program adsense provides advertises to websites,blog,youtube video etc. Adsense was developed by Google on 18 June 2003. Its developer is google. Adsense is the best platform to earn money online because it is more than enough secure and give a huge money to its providers. We also earn by adsense,no doubt it gives us  around 100$ per month and this amount increases day by day.


Adsense is best for those who really want to earn money. This program do not have any limit of earning. Adsense give ads on website only on approval by its team. When you fill up adsense form you will be asked many information regarding you and your website, all the information are crossed checked by adsense team. They approve your form and send a email you that your adsense account is fully approved but the real thing is that on that very time your adsense account is not fully approved. Its all informations are cross checked , a letter by adsense team will be send to your provided address in order to confirm your address. They will send letter 4 times if you not receive any letters by them then your adsense account will be closed as per adsense .

How Does It Works? 

If your website is eligible for adsense then you can fill up adsense sign up form. After filling form successfully you need to wait some time or may be a day. Adsense team will contact you via mail and send you a email about your form. It may be possible that your adsense form will be rejected. If your form will accepted by adsense they will mail you and give you a instruction to create ads unit and put it in your website. When you put your ads in your website it appears to be blank but after some time your ads will be live if your account is approved by adsense team. This is the initial verification of adsense account. After that they will verify your address by send a PIN code by letters. They try at most 4 times. In 4th time you will be asked to give a PDF file of your ADHAR CARD or something like that. If your address is not verified due to any reason they will closed your account and your all earned money will also cancelled.

Let Us Know In what condition your adsense account will be disapproved?

  • If your website do not have enough content.

  •  If you post Hacking  tricks, youtube tricks etc.

  • If you clicked your own ads.

  • If you using Proxy,VPN and click your ads then it blocks your account.

  • By buying visitors to click your ads.

  • By doing spam.

There are many reasons. So Be careful about your adsense if you lost your adsense there is no any scope to get back your earned money.


Your earning decides upon many thing such as CPC, Page RPM, Page views ect. If these increases then your earning will also increases. You can redeem a minimum amount of 100$ USD. If you want to earn more then please follows these given tips:-

  • You site content should be more.

  • Unique content with attractive look.

  • No copied content.

  • Use backlinks, it will increase your CPC.

  • ETC.......

How To Approve Adsense In Blog?

As after reading the above description about adsense we can say that it is too difficult to approve adsense in blog. Here I give you a most wanted trick to approve adsense in your blog.

Basic Need To Approve Adsense In Blog:-

A Blog With Minimum Post Of 40.

All post may or may not be same. I suggest you to make different post i.e., each post must be different.

A new gmail account.


  • First Sign Up With Your New Gmail Account In Adsense.

  • After Completing Sign Up Process wait some time, you will receive a mail from adsense. If adsense approve your request then open your adsense account and create new adsd unit.

  • Put your adscode in your blog

  • First open your blog--->Go To Layout-->Add Gadget--> HTML/JAVA SCRIPT---> PASTE ADS CODE.

  • Your ads will appear blank but after some time it become live.

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