Monday, September 21, 2015

Trick to get Unlimited Referrer From 1 Number On Hike

Hike has become a very popular messaging app from few years because of there free SMS service . hike has also got many new users after they introduced recharge for invited . Hike is offering 100mb data for every successful friend referral .We have found a trick fot it in which user will Get Unlimited Referral using 1 Number Only. That is correct you only need 1 number to get unlimited referrals from hike. By this trick You can earn unlimted recharge from hike Because you can also convert this free data into mobile recharge .

In this post we will also teach you how to get unlimited free recharge from hike . Free recharge September has become the popular search keyword in google these days so today we have wrote this post to teach you how to get unlimited free recharge from hike and also this post will teach you how to Get Unlimited Referral using 1 Number Only

Requirements For Hike Unlimited Trick

For Mobile Phones

  • Android Id Changer

  • Imei Changer

  • 1 unregistered hike mobile number

For PC

  • Rooted bluestacks

  • Bluetsacks Tweaker

Steps To Get This Unlimited Reffral Trick from 1 Number on hike

  1. Firstly of all Download Hike Here ( if already have skip this step)

  2. Now Register for a new account or login with a existing account

  3. Click on invite on uppar right corner and get your referral link.

  4. After Getting Refferal link uninstall Hike From your Mobile.

  5. Now Change Android Id And IMEI with android Id App and Imei changer App respectively.

  6. Now go to Menu>>Google Settings App>>Ads and then clcik on Reset Advertising ID.

  7. Now Paste to your Hike referral link in Google chrome it will redirect you to playstore.

  8. Download The App from playstore. Register your new number and you will get 100Mb in your main account

  9. Now uninstall Hike app again and do Step 6 and Step 7 Again.

  10. Now while registering a new number enter two zeros before number
    e.g If your original number is +916478291874 then enter +91006478291874

  11. Again for verification select Call Me Option and you will get a call on your number get verification code and enter it you will be registered.

  12.  Now for the third time again while entering number add “4 zero’s” before number.
    Eg : While Third time Registering make It 9100007814812787

  13.  Now for getting 10 times referral amount from 1 number u need to add 91/92/93 before the two zeros.
    Eg : 91007814812787 ( 100% Working )91927814812787 91937814812787 91947814812787

  14.  Like this you can enter and upto 91997814812787
    Now for Unlimited Times just change 9192 by changing any random number.
    Eg : 9105781481278791597814812787

  15. For Verification Choose Call me option every time

  16. Done You can now get unlimited recharge from hike by this trick.

You can also do it on PC by bluestacks For that do the same as for mobile but for changing device ID and other things download bluestacks tweaker and change these with that.

So it was the trick to earn unlimited recharge. you can do it unlimited times to get unlimited data recharge from hike. There is a trick to change This data pack into recharge we will post that soon

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