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Free Calling Tricks For Calling All Over World -October 2015

Free calling tricks to call all over world to any network (october 2015)

Welcome to our "free calling trick" post, you know these days everyone want freebies so we are regularly postings some freebie offers on this blog. Last time we prese a free internet trick and today we have present 100% working free calling tricks for all networks. In today's life everyone use mobile phone or landline phones to make calls to their friends and relatives and some of them uses some internet applications to make video or voice calls to friends but these are not free you have to pay for it and sometimes you need to have same application to your friends from which you are calling so today discovertricks.com has come with many free calling tricks for october 2015 by which you can call your friends for free. So below is the list of free calling tricks.
There are some apps and some websites which allows you to make free calls i have provide the list of these Apps and websites which allows users to make free calls. We have placed apps in first place then website.
Free caliiing tricks






List of  Android Apps which allows you call your friends for free


Voxox is an android application which allows users to make free text messaging service in addition to messaging it allows users to make free calls all over world to any network for free. For registering on voxox this app is giving users 1$ free every month for making  calls all over world. For calling from India to India voxox charges users 0.1$ for 1 minute that means this 1$ will be used for 100 minutes. So you will get 100 minutes of free calling every month through voxox. The best thing of using voxox is you will get an American number with country code +1. the use of this number is when you call someone from voxox on receiving call the American number will be displayed on receivers screen that means you can completely hide your identity. Also there is an option in voxox to show any number when you can someone so that he/she will identify you. Another best thing is you can call with any number. If someone calls or message you on that American number you will receive call or message in voxox application. The another Benefit of this is you can register this number to any other application like whatsapp or facebook or can create a new email account also.

How To Get Free Calling on Bigo App

1.Download Voxox from here

2.Register for a new account 

3. Click on calls enter your number with country code 

4. Now check your number by clicking on more you will see your number.



Bigo is free calling android app Bigo is also a very good android app for making free calls around the world. It's awesome app to call your friends and family because it's free. The best part of this app is that the receiver (whom you are calling) does not need bigo app or Internet connection all he/she need is mobile network. The bigo app provide users 400 credits every month and 10 login credits every day which is used for making voice calls to all over world. They also gives 20 credits for each friend referral which means you will get around 800 credits per month for free calling in India or outside to all networks. Bigo charge 8-10 credits per minute for calling in India which means 800 credits will be used for 100 minutes of free calling in India. Bigo app also provides unlimited free calling from bigo to bigo app

How To Get Free Calling on Bigo App

1. Download  Bigo App here and install on your device.2. Register New account with your phone number and and you will get 400 credits instantly
3. Now Click on contacts select any number and make free calls from bigo app


Libon is another free  calling app it has VoIP service available Libon is launched by orange. The Libon app allows users to make free calls and text massages to 90 countries where the app is launched. Libon need internet connection but the receiver does not need internet connection or the Libon app. The libon app also provide users 5 min of calling every month and it also give users fee 10 minutes of calling for referring each friend to the  libon app. You can refer maximum of 3 friends every month that means you will get 30 minute of free calling every month. voice calls from Libon app can be made with hd clear voice. The libon app automatically syncs contacts from your Phonebook to App so that you can easily make free calls without entering phone number. From my personal view i used this app and i made a call on 3G network the voice quality was awesome but when i tried on 2G i got some delay in receiving voice. In general app is awesome when you have 3G connection.

How To Get Free Calling on Bigo App

1. Download and Install app Here

2. Register for new account and make free calls from this app


List of Website which allows you call your friends for free


site2sms.com is a website which allows you make free calls and text messages all over india but site2sms does not alllow to call outside india. The best feature of this free calling site is your voice quality will be good even on 2G network because when you call someone he will receive call from a number and you also will receive a cal from same number of which you have to answer to make free calls to your friends.


Procedure To Make a call from Site2sms


1. Visit Site2sms.com from your browser
Note:- Use only Google Chrome or UC browser or default browser of your phone

2. Create an account on the site 

3. A confirmation sms will be sent to your registered mobile number to verify your account. 4. Once you have verified your account Log on to your account

5. Insert the characters (Captcha) into the field and click on proceed further.

6. In Dashboard click on send SMS 

7. On next page Click Live Voice Call button and then Dial Your desired Number and call 

NOTE:- The person whom you are calling should not be registered on Do not Disturb (DND).


Now another Method which i have posted below to make free calls all over to all networks like Airtel, Aircel.Reliance e.t.c india does not require internet connection. This method is working on low quality phones like nokia C1 01
for this method you do not need any internet connection, mobile app or web browser. So let me tell you how to make free calls to any network without internet

How To Make free calls to any network without internet

1.First you need to call this number 180020802080 it's toll free number.

2.You have to only give a missed call on this number. After disconnecting you will receive a call from a number statrting with 1400

3.Now start following Instruction of ladies voice and tell your name first and after that when women says enter your friend number then say your friend number and confirm it by saying Yes in Hindi.
4.Now wait 30 seconds till your friend pick up call and after 30 seconds you can start talking normally










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