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Trick To Get Unlimited Money From Mobile in Flipkart Affiliate Program without bluestacks

Trick To Get Unlimited Money/ E-Gift Voucher in Flipkart Affiliate Program

As you know that Flipkart Affiliate program is joined by many users so there is a good number of people who want trick to get unlimited money from Flipkart Affiliate program. This post is also about How to get unlimited money in Flipkart Affiliate program. Flipkart Affiliate program is one of the best way to earn money from your blog or site because they give higher commision rates on referral sales .The best part of Flipkart Affiliate program is that they give money for referring Flipkart app also which no other Affiliate site gives. Amazon and snapdeal are also best shopping sites in India and they also have Affiliate programs but they don't App referral system. So we can say flipkart referral programme is best .This is the reason why most of people have joined Flipkart Affiliate program . They know if they are not going to earn from referral sales they can earn from referring app also. Some blogger who have signed up for Flipkart Affiliate program does not have enough traffic on their blog that they can earn good amount of money from Flipkart Affiliate program so today we have wrote this "Trick for getting unlimited money from Flipkart without bluestacks" for those blogger who have less traffic on their blog. You may have seen many blog where they provide trick to get unlimited flipkart voucher from Flipkart Affiliate program with Rooted bluestacks but this trick need bluestacks, blusestacks tweaker and also your computer but i have posted trick to get unlimited money in Flipkart Affiliate program without BlueStacks, for this trick you don't need bluestacks . So this post is about how to get unlimited money from Flipkart from mobile phone without bluestacks. Flipkart provide Rs 22 commision for referring Flipkart Andriod App , 45 for IOS and Windows App. They are also offering Rs 60 on Fall back install of IOS and windows App . So if you refer to Flipkart windows App your can earn more than referring than Android App

comission rates flipkart app



Note : This Trick Works Only On Rooted Phones

Requirements For Getting Unlimited Money Through Android Mobile from Flipkart Affiliate program

  • Working Internet connection

  • Flipkart Affliate acccount

  • App campaign referral link

Andriod Apps Required For Flipkart Unlimited trick With Andriod Mobile

Steps To Get Unlimited Money From Flipkart With Android Mobile

  1. First of all download all Apps from Above App List

  2. Now install Xposed Installer App on your phone and open it  Goto Framework options and click on install/update as shown in screen shot below. Now wait untill it install some required files on your device asks you to reboot. Now when it asks to Reboot click OK button it will reboot.

  1. After Reboot Install IMEI Changer App

  2. Open Xposed Installer App again and Go to Modules, There IMEI changer app Tick on it as shown in screen shot below.

  1. Now Go back or minimize Xposed Installer and Reboot your Phone.

6.Now Install Andriod Id changer on your phone which you downloaded above .

  1. Now from here begins works which you will need to do to get unlimited gift voucher in flipkart affliate programe.8. Now open Android ID Changer App click on Plus icon(+) in the app. A new id will be generated click on Save new ID button As shown in screen shot below. If this id changer app does not work on your phone use any other id changer app
    Andriod id changer

  1. Open IMEI Changer write a Random 15 digit IMEI number and click on Apply. After Clicking Apply it will show you reboot to save settings but you don't need to reboot just go back your IMEI will be changed. See screen shot to for more info.

  1. Next step you need to do is open Google Settings App. This App is pre installed in every Android phone.

  1. After opening Google Settings App Click on Ads as shown in image below . After clicking on ads you will see next screen as on image 2 shown below . There you need to click on Reset Advertising ID. A new Ad Id will be generated there . Go back now on home screen. Now you can download Flipkart App to get credits in your affiliate account.

  1. Now go to the landing page of your flipkart affiliate account and copy your refferal link.

  1. Paste the referral link in any browser of your android phone and download the Flipkart App.

  1. Check Earning report  Here after 1-2 hours, your account will be credited with money.

  1. Now Repeat  from step 8 to 13 to get unlimited money/Gift voucher from Flipkart. In short Change Android id, IMEI number and Google advertising id again.

  1. There is no need to sign up in Flipkart App after every install.

This was the Flipkart unlimited earning trick for affiliate without blue stacks . There is another trick to get Get Unlimited Flipkart Money/E-Gift Voucher with Bluestacks That trick is Posted By Naveen  Yadav In his TricksHub blog Click here to read his Flipkart Trick with bluestacks. If you have not Joined Flipkart Affliate programe then Click here to regester for this account.

If you have any problem in getting Unlimited Money From Mobile in Flipkart Referral Program Comment below or directly chat with us on whatsapp on +12139211356

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Video Tutorial For Flipkart Unlimited trick Through Bluestacks To Earn Unlimited E-Gift Voucher



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