Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To Change Android Id Of Any Android Mobile

Change Android Device ID With Fake ID

First of all i will tell you what is android ID. Android ID is a 64 bit number and is generated on first  switch on or first boot and it remains constant for lifetime until you do not restore your phoneAndroif ID is a unique number which every android phone consists different and it is known as Android Device ID. When you download any App the that app records android id of your device and send it to their servers so that they can track you. So i will today explain you how you can change your android  ID with a Fake ID

How to change an android ID with fake ID

There are two methods of changing your ID for both rooted and non rooted devices.

For Rooted Mobiles

  1. Download Android ID Changer App Here
  2. Install it on your Device and Open It
  3. first take backup of your android id by Clicking on backup Icon as shown in image below

    Change ANdroid Id
  4. Now click on plus icon to generate a new ID and then click on save new ID to save it and also it is shown in the image below.

  5. So you are done you have successfully changed your ID with a new fake device ID.
For Non Rooted Users

  • So if you have not rooted your phone then you need to restore your phone to change Your device ID but restoring your phone will delete your contact image on your phone memory so I recommend you to root the mobile first and then change with above methods.
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