Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Create Your Magic Videos And Prank your friend With Reverse Movie Fx App

Reverse Movie Fx App To Create Your Magic Videos

Hello readers as you know we always post  tricks about free recharge and free Internet but today we are going to post something else i.e we are going to discuss about an app by which you can create your own magic videos which you record yourself. The app is known as Reverserse Movie Fx.

Reverserse Movie Fx is an Android application which hello you to create reverse video of your recorded video that looks like a magic trick by which you can fool your friends.

How to Create a Magic Video Reverserse Movie Fx

First  Record a video of someone( you or your friend) for drinking water, working, throwing ball, throwing knife,  putting something on ground like paper or some other thing which comes to your mind then select a part from the video when click on start and the app will reverse the video and the video will look like walking back putting water in the glass from your mouth and now I'm coming to you also for paper it will go a automatically up to your hands from ground which will look like a magic trick.

Steps To Create in magic video Reverserse Movie Fx App

1. Download reverse movie FX app from here. Install and open it.

Reverse Movie FX APp

2. On the screen click on reverse as shown in screenshot. Then click on record movie and video recorder will be opened and will start recording video after recording click on tick mark.
3. Now select a part of video or full video and click on start 
Reverse Movie FX APp

4. You will many options on next screen just click on start or click on add music to add music to it 

5. Now the App  reverses your video. When it will be done in the video will be saved in your gallery and you can play directly video on that app

That's all for how to create magic video with Reverse FX app

Some Idea of Videos you can create With Reverse Movie FX 

1. Put the water in the glass by a bottle after  reversing you will see by putting the water in the glass the glasses gets empty.
2. Torn the paper in many pieces and see magic.
3. Through anything from your mouth and see magic.
This a very good app to make prank videos. I have made some videos myself and my friends got crazy how i did it .

I suggest you try this app and you will never delete this app and you can enjoy it very much
5 stars to this App .Credit goes to developers of App