Sunday, August 16, 2015

All Working Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2015

Working Free Internet Tricks on Airtel

Hello guys we have posted many free airtel free internet tricks on this blog and all of them worked fine still some of them are working. Airtel being Best internet Provider in india has recently launched 4G LTE connection in india. Airtel 4G connection is most high speed internet connection india as Airtel is challenging if you get More fast internet than airtel 4G in India airtel will pay your lifetime bill this is defiantly then fast internet in india . Those airtel users who are on airtel 4G want to use airtel 4G or are using airtel 4G wants free internet tricks for Airtel 4G because airtel data plans are costly than other networks Now becaause of fast internet everyone want to use Airtel internet so for those users i have gathered some tricks here by which you can get free internet for Airtel


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VPN Trick For Free Internet On Airtel

VPN's re used on every oprators to use free internet So today i am here to tell you how to use free internet on airtel through VPN APPS. VPN App provide a good internet speed on airtel but there is one problem in VPN that it gets blocks your sim's free internet for 10 days. so Read here VPN Trick to Use Free Internet on Airtel

 Check Here VPN Trick to Use Free Internet on Airtel

Airtel Free Internet Through  Droid VPN 

Droid VPN is another VPN App by which you can use free internet on Airtel. Droid VPN Provide daily 1Gb internet on free servers and to get unlimited you need to pay for it. Droid VPN also makes you announmous by which you get free internet on airtel. Free internet on Droid VPN is based on TCP Connection . Read here How to use Free Internet on Airtel Through Droid VPN Droid VPN

How to use Free Internet on Airtel through Troid VPN

Troid VPN is another VPN android app which is used for free internet on Airtel . I Prefer to use this trick because Troid VPN is easy is configure and their is no need to register for a account if you use free servers . Troid vpn gives really high speed internet to use Free gprs on Airtel . Troid VPN  gives 150 Mb free data daily but airtel sim get blovked after 100 Mb so you must use Troid VPN  than Droid VPn which need to register for a new account . I have already wrote a post How to Troid VPN for Free Internet on Airtel

Proxy Tricks for Airtel Free internet 

Proxy Tricks are always my favorite because it does not need Configured easily by anyone and also procy tricks gets never blocks free internet on AIrtel sim. So you can use it for internet there is a disadvantage of proxy tricks that they give slow speed now then they give these day now it is your choice which trick you will use i have also wrote post on Proxy Tricks For Airtel Free Internet 

Check Here how to use Free internet on Airtel Through Proxy

Airtel Free Inetrnet Trick For PC

Airtel users always want to use free internet on PC so how can forget to post trick for using on PC . So we have posted a trick to use free internet on airtel through pda net by which you can use free internet with highspeed so to use this trick on PC you have to read an Airtel i have wrote How to use Airtel Free Internet On PC
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