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Airtel Free Internet Trick Through Hammer VPN

Use Free Internet On Airtel Through Hammer VPN october 2015

Hellos Guys Today we are back with Free Internet Trick for Airtel with Hammer VPN. Many users of Airtel are searching for Airtel free internet trick so today we are here to bring you a free internet trick for Airtel through hammer VPN. Hammer VPN can also be used instead of Troid VPN when free data of 100Mb gets over, that time you can use Hammer VPN for airtel free internet . Hammer vpn brings free internet from 20 servers which gives different location from every server to use Airtel Free Internet . The best part of this Airtel Hammer VPN Trick is that it can be used to browse any application like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter e.t.c

What is Hammer VPN

Hammer VPN is an android application which is powered by Troid VPN . Hammer VPN is used to surf internet anonymously. Hammer Vpn is used to Hide your IP Address and makes a fake IP address. It is also used to unblock geographically blocked sites Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. In addition to this hammer VPN is used to protect your privacy from your ISP. It also helps to defeat speed throttling and restrictions imposed by local ISP.

Features Of Hammer VPN

  • Unlimited Internet Speed

  • Protects Your Privacy

  • Secures your WiFi hotspot

  • No registration Reuired

  • No Root Required

  • Daily Free 100 MB data

How does Hammer VPN Gives You Chance To Use Free Internet october 2015

Hammer VPN can be used to use free internet on airtel because it hides your privacy from your isp so that you browse free internet on Airtel. Hammer VPN is used to used free internet in the way that it takes some host which you set in settings which is free on Airtel e.g then it converts into direct web address and when you go to any URL your ISP thinks you are using free hosts .so in this way Hammer VPN Allows to use free internet on Airtel.

That is enough information about hammer VPN . Now Let us describe how to configure Hammer VPN to use free internet on Airtel.

Requirements To use Free Internet On Airtel Through Hammer VPN

  • Hammer VPN Application

  • Android Mobile 

  • Unblocked Airtel Sim

  • 3G network for high speed works on 2G also

  • Zero balance in your mobile

  • No data pack required

Features of This Airtel Hammer VPN Trick

  • Working On zero balance.

  • No data pack required

  • Working like Paid Net. 

  • Use Unlimited internet 

  • You can use it for downloading, browsing, or you can use any App like whatsapp, Facebook, e.t.c.

  • Disconnect After 100 MB

How to configure this Airtel Hammer VPN Trick

1. Download Hammer VPN Android App from Here

2. Open The App and make Settings As below in Image

Lport: 443

Rport: 0

Connection Type: TCP

3. After doing Above Settings Click On Advance, You will see another page with new options Set them as shown in image below and also written below and click on save button

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port :   3128

Header :

4. Now switch on data connection of your phone and click on Connect . You will be connected .

Now minimize Hammer VPN App and open any app to use Airtel Free Internet .

That is all this was the full tutorial about how to browse free internet on airtel through hammer vpn. There are various other methods of using airtel free internet you may find them Here. Also Airtel Free Internet Can be used through Droid VPN you can check that here how you can use that

IF you got some problem in configuring Hammer VPN for Airtel Comment below we will be happy to help you. Also if you did't understand how to configure hammer VPN with above article then please watch the video of hammer VPN given in the end

Video Tutorial For Using Hammer VPN through Airtel

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Hello help me na

its working for blocked sim? and how i ill unblock my sim?help me

thanks bro. it's also working in rajasthan

No it will not work on blocked sims. For unblocking we will post an article soon keep in touch

I'm using hammer VPN it worked 3 days without any problems but today its not working

I used UDP instead of TCP
With the Rport 9201 and Lport 9201
Everything is worked fine up to now but today it saying that

***Simultaneous login not allowed
Discounting you as some user ID being used from another device***

Plz bro help me
I'm staying in TELANGANA State

Anyone else is also using your id try to change password

How to change password plzz help me bro.....

Bro I changed User I'd and Password also server
But it saying same
***I'd is used by another device**
What to do bro
If I try with new Airtel sim it connecting and after using 3 to 4 days its disconnecting and saying same
**I'd is used another device**

What to do bro
Plz give me a complete solution.....for my problem

I tried to used TCP Settings as u given in description
But it always saying that **Reconnecting**....
Is there any solution for my problem.....???

Then you must need to contact hammer vpn developers.

Your free internet is then blocked it will be unblocked automatically after 10 days

Blocked sim ke liye kay kare

1000%%l working trick airtel
1GB download movie trick
please tell me.!!

bock sim me liye trick airtel 100%work,
please check it

Bro as you said I have tried but it reconnecting always didt connected even single time. So pls help me

How to use it for reliance

This trick cannot be used for reliance but you can check working Relaince trick here

Hammer next 2day work plz.. Help me whatapps no. 9772602693

It must have been blocked wait for 10 days it will be unbloceked automatically.. Join us on whatsapp her +12139211356.. Here you will get latest updated daily


i have installed hammervpn initially it worked nice but later it started to say "simultuniousn login is not allowed" and its not working since then please help me.

If you are using free server then clear the data of the app and re config it, that's all bro you can get again your default user Id and password.

bro its says reconnecting and then goes off...........
does it work throughout India..?????

How to get this app bro i can't see this app in play store or Google

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