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How to watch all channels free on tatasky

Tatasky is most expensive dth carrier in India it provide high cost packs as compared to other dth operators in India. So to lower your daily charges of paying tatasky we bring you trick to watch all channels free on tatasky . the trick to watch all channels free on tatasky is ased on LNB Frequency which you need to change in settings menu to watch all chanels free on tatasky .  As you already know tatasky has most number of channels but these are very costly so when i m giving you trick to get free recharge on tatasky why you are going to pay . so not discussing more about free recharge on tatasky or how to watch tatasky channels for free we will directly go to the tick. Also check out 100% working trick to get Free recharge and trick to Get Products free from Snapdeal

Steps To Watch Free Channels on Tatasky dish

1.Maintain your tatasky balance below Rs10 to get free recharge on tatasky dish

2. Watch channel No 100 for 8 Miutes and wait

3.Now press menu button on remote and change frequency as below

LNB  1050
Symbol  5080

4.Now open your digi card it will show you digi card not insertered wait for 60 min

5.Now insert card digi card and switch to any channel .you will see channel working fine .

By this 78% of your channels will be unscrambled for lifetime.

Hour to get free recharge on tata sky 2015

In this post i am also going to show you how to get free recharge on tatasky in june this is based on tatasky software . As you know tatasky has recently updated there software so you need a old recharge carf which is used

Steps to get free recharge on tata sky

1 Go to tatasky menu>>settings>>updates>>software and press 000000 to avtivate default software of tatasky

2. Now take a old recharge card recharge with it but remove last 2 digits of card with any number followed by your id number. Try it atleast 3 times

3. After trying this 3 times it will show invalid and your tatasky will be blocked for 3hrs but don't worry.

4. Remove digicom smart card and cable wire from settop box for 1 hr

5. Connect signal cable after 1hr and wait 5min now insert digicard and restart settop box

6. Now check your account balance you will see Rs 200 balance in your tatasky dish

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Really works free dse channels

is it working in gujarat?

sorry but we don't know about that.... But I think It should work in Gujrat also.. Try yourself

shahid bhai kya 0 balance or 4 maah se off tatasky bhi is trick se chalega

Hi guys Saw your trick looks good . My account is deactivated due to non payment do you think I can use this method. Please let me know

Thank you



Hi Zulkar thank you for your mail .Now I was trying the hack, I went on settings,the first page said set up the second page said LMB set up,third page said transponder set up and the last page said signal strength. Now I am unable to get out of settings. How do I get out please help

Thank you



What i am not able to understand you properly kindly re comment

Hi Zulkar what I want to say is I went to setting page. Now I
Now I cannot get out
Of the settings page please help

Thank you



How do I go to the main menu

Simply press exit button or swithoff your settop box and then switch on

It's not working guys... Help me out .....
... When I insert the digi card back after 60min it shows digi card inserted

Please reply asap

Jo hamne channel package plan liya hai wo he free rahega yaa tatasky ke sare channel lifetime free rahenge
Plzzzzzz reply me as soon as possible.....

Please reply soon..

In my remote there is no menu button help

"Maintain your tatasky balance below Rs10 to get free recharge on tatasky dish." Please explain what does it mean, I am new subscriber of tata sky.

Can u provide video tutorial of all the above process

there is no menu option in my remote.. pls help..#Zulkar #Suraj

This trick mAy have now stopped and every remote has a menu button

Brothers can u say me where is lnb and symbol setting in tata sky

Bro HoW to change the frequency of tata sky ??

press Organiser Menu -> My Settings".Now select "System Settings>>System Setup" Press "0" and "1" buttons and then press "Select" button on your Tata Sky remote.

i try it on today

aaj mai try karnewala hu 9 pm

Bro update option kaha milta hai

LMB SYMBOL not in settings


Thanku Bro :-)
n I request u to update ur tata sky with new one :-( .....Coz M sure u r using an old tata sky with old remote......we all r saying that there is no options on our remote which you wrote on trick......Can't u believe us once :-( :-( :-( .......Please try this trick by urself n update the trick :-( ..... let us all knw its working nw or nt (ASAP) O.o

seems they have caught this trick and stopped it.

I don't understand it plz send me video of it fast today only

Is it working presently?

My balance is @ 600 Rs. Can I try this trick, will it work ?
Or is it required to have the balance below 10Rs and then only it will work ?

Bro how to change frequncy of tata sky plz help me

its really work or not
plz tell me about it thanking you

IS this free rechage is still working

no one is giving proper solution all fake