Saturday, July 4, 2015

Airtel Opera Mini Handler for March 2015

Airtel Free internet by Opera Mini handler 100% working for Free internet trick

Hello guys as you know we provide here free internet tricks, Recharge tricks, Çashback coupons and much more so today again we are back with free Opera Handler For free internet on Airtel. We have posted airtel free internet tricks many times in which some are still working and some got blocked but those all tricks were based on VPN's. As you know airtel blocks free internet for 10 days when you use more than 100Mb daily. In our last posts of free internet for airtel we use troid or driod vpn which consumes more data on your sim which cause  bocking of free internet on airtel . These vpn's consume more data because they use all background apps that means through vpn trick users browse all apps like playstore, Whatsapp e.t.c in short by vpn trick you can use free internet on airtel as you browse on datapack .Now you will ask if we browse free through vpn why we use any other trick the answer is VPN consume more data which cause free internet blocking by ISP. So for those users which do not want to consume more data and does not use many apps else facebook, google we bring a Brand new working opera mini handler by which you can use free internet on airtel. This Opera support downloading also and you can use this for browsing all websites. You have seen anywhere on internet airtel opera mini handler tricks but thay are of limited use but the trick which i m going to post is unlimited there is no limit for this.

Requirements For Using Free Internet On Airtel Through Opera Handler

  • Opera Mini hander is required for  using this trick by which you can use free internet on airtel.

  • Use it on zero balance because using when you have balance in your phone may cause balance deduction so we recommend you to use it on zero balance.

  • You may require 3G Network for having high speed. So we recommend you to enable 3G on your phone and use on 3G enablled area.

  • It works on Default Internet settings.

Features of this Free Opera Airtel internet trick 

  • There is No disconnection problem when using this opera mini as there is some disconnection problem when you use any VPN trick. So no need to worry you can use this without any problem.

  • This opera handler for Airtel works on both 2G or 3G connection. So you may switch to any network. We recommend to use 3G networks for getting high speed

  • There is no Data pack or any other things required for using this trick. All you have to do is download , install and use

  • It works on zero balance so you do not to have any balance in your phone or you do not need to recharge your airtel mobile

Steps to Get free internet on Airtel Through Opera Handler March

1.Download the DT opera mini handler here and install it on your device in phone memory or Sd card where you wish.


2. Now Active Airtel default internet settings in mobil network settings. If you don't know default internet settings we have provided settings below


Name :
APN:    airtelgprs


3. Create the above settings in your phone and Open opera mini handler on your device


4.Now open the DT airtel handler it will ask you to give child code which is


5. Now after entering codeAirtel handler will open you will see screen with frontquery backquery e.t.c . there you enter details as below


Primary Server –
Secondary Server –
FrontQuery –


6. Now click on save it will begin installation wait for 1-2 minutes to complete installation. Once installations complete you can use free internet on airtel


This airtel free internet trick is working fine in all over india you can check it in your state . If you face any problem fell free to ask us below in comment section.


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I leave in cameroon and uses both Orange CM and MTN simcards, please could you tell me on how to use opera mini handler to connect to the internet on these networks.

it is not working in what to do..plz reply

What is primary and secondary server?