Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How To Increase Speed Of Google Chrome Of Android phones

Hello welcome to my blog. As in today's worlds everyone wants speed wheather it is internet speed or speed of your car. You all know "google chrome" (andriod browser) and all of you know browsing speed of this browser is little bit slow compared to other Android browsers and you surely want to increase that is why you were searching for "trick to increase speed of google chrome" and you are here at this web page. So here i have some mindblowing triks which will 100% increase google chrome speed.

1.Chrome has some secret settings which will surely don't know

Chrome is allowing users to use unofficial features of browser whick are known as "flags". These unknown features are strictly experimental and may be disappear at any time so need to change these settings and you may feel difference.
To get these settings just type chrome://flags/ in url bar and you will see may settings scrool down to find Maximum tiles for interest area You will see it as default change it to 512

2. Another thing you will find is  Number of Raster Threads to 4 change it to 4
Number of Raster Threads to = 4

Now type any URL in address bar and feel the difference. keep visiting our blog

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