Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Transfer any File from android to Android 60 times faster

Welcome back users. Yesterday i got a mail from someone asking me how can i increase file transfer speed from one device to another on android. 90% of you know this trick but 10% are also who don't know this trick. I was thinking month ago i will write article on it but at that time i though everyone knows this trick but when i received mail about this yesterday i though now i will write article about it so today at i have wrote this article how to increase file transfer speed on any andriod .So let us start the trick.

  • Wifi Suppoted device
  • Hotspot supportable device

Features :-

  • Wireless
  • 60 Times faster than bluetooth
  • 10mbps transfer speed 

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How to increase file transfer speed on any andriod 

  1. First of all you need an application for both the phones called Share it. You can use many other Apps but Share It is better
    Download Share it App
  2. Now install and open Share it on both the phones.
  3. Click send on ist phone and receive on 2nd phone and on ist phone select files or apps that you want to send and click on next.
  4. Now it will search for friend when your 2nd phones name will appear on screen click on that and your files will transfer 60 times faster than bluetooth
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