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How To Make Website in just few minutes?

How To Make Website in just few minutes? Hello friends today we share a most wanted post for tho... thumbnail 1 summary

How To Make Website in just few minutes?

Hello friends today we share a most wanted post for those who really want to make their own website . There are too many ways by which you can make your own website but most of the ways are difficult and expensive. Here we give you a little bit of knowledge about websites and how can you make your website in few minutes without any investment


As you know that about 90% of peoples use internet and there exists millions or may be billions of websites. Every website have its own characteristics and they are designed for different purposes.

To create any website we need its scripts but most of the peoples are not in positions to creates their own website scripts. The process of script creation needs a great knowledge in HTML coding with a large time spent. Don't worry because we give you a simple way to create your site.

There are many websites which provides you designed website scripts which is known as templates or themes.

Some of the most populars websites are listed below




We give you a demo in Blogger because it is easy and provides better process. Before going to discuss website creating process we will give you a little bit of knowledge about blogger.

Blogger is website which give a free way to create  websites or Blogs. Blogger provides a good platform for your website. You can access a large numbers of designed without creating scripts. If you are a blogger users  you can simply earned a  large amount of money. Blogger is a good for beginner , you can earned more than enough.


  • Firstly you have to create your account in Blogger.

  • Open Blogger Home Page. Now click on New Blog , Enter You Blog Title and Address. After that select your design. And lastly Click On  Create Blog Now.

  • Congratulation Your Website is fully ready. Now You have to know about Blogger features. We have created a video for your. In video we Give a little bit of knowledge about "How To Post In Websites?" and many more things.

Key Features Of Bloggers.

  • Free and best Platform.

  • Free and large numbers of templates.

  • Earning Methods like Adsense which is better than every earning methods and more secure also.

  • 24×7 Support features.

Still Getting Problem In Making website. See Our Video Tutorial


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