Sunday, December 27, 2015

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Why blogger is better than wordpress in some cases?

Why blogger is better than wordpress in some cases?

As we all know that wordpress is a  revolutionary way to make an awesome website but we also know that all the goods behaviour are impossible to find in a single. Recently I suffered from a major problem while using wordpress. SO, I decided to tell you about demerits of wordpress,before making site to wordpress think about these demerits.

The most common demerits of wordpress is its hosting problem. If you are going to setup a website then you have to manage a hosting. If you are thinking to use free hosting then think about space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU  etc.

Generally beginners try to make wordpress website by making the use of free hosting but they are in depth. They will never successful, the reason behind it is free web hosting services. They are so bad and everything is limited. You can't expand your website. If sometimes more visitors come to your site then your site will  down. And you can't do anything in that very situation instead of waiting.

Why everyone trying to setup site on wordpress?

It's due to its unbeatable features and theme. If you are use wordpress then I no need to tell about its features. But here some beginner are also presents. So I will tell a little more about it.

The main features are its plugins, it is a revolutionary way to promote your site. It's the identity of wordpress.I know your devil mind  thinking about site promotion by making the use of wordpress plugins. Yes you can promote your site by using SEO tools. Install SEO plugins in your site. Also there are many plugins that helps you to visible your post in search engine like google.

Plugins means wordpress, In my pointvof view. I don't know what's your thinking.

The second most feature is you can install any theme to wordpress because there are number of themes available in market. You can make any type of website by using wordpress.


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